Ice Bucket Challenge….

Over the last week I have seen literally 100’s of ice bucket challenges posted on Facebook.

50% haven’t even got any ice in them…  and a good 10% dont even look like they are cold water judging from the reaction.

A lot of people who I know assumed that if you did the challenge you didn’t have to donate at all.

Wrong… if you are unsure of the rules… check them out.

The other thing I have noticed is that there are various charities now getting in on the act.  Macmillan even giving a number to text to donate.

This is wrong in my opinion… This was not their idea……

Funny enough I was going to blog about this the other day and then when I came on and saw everything had gone to draft I was that busy catching up I forgot all about it
It was this post by a fellow blogger that reminded me…

 oh and by the way I strongly recommend you follow her blogs because she is great  is one of the best blogs I have read , In fact this lady is so clever she actually writes more than one blog… Each and everyone interesting.

Anyway back to where I was I think Macmillan are wrong on this one… Now don’t get me wrong.. I do a lot for them..  I make cakes and hold a Macmillan coffee morning  to raise funds and awareness for them.. That is their thing..    if you want to take part here is a link..  Last year I raised over £320 for them by holding a coffee morning.
It seems I’m not the only one who thinks like this.

Well I have been nominated  … I did do it………..  (Honestly I really can’t post it as the person who recorded it on their phone then proceeded to drop their Iphone in the bucket of ice water ready for the next person, which I consider some kind of Karma because they were the one who had nominated me in the first place)  And I nominated…….   and the three people I nominated did the challenge……… and they nominated… and yep one person donated to macmillen and two of the others thought it was a get out of jail free card…     arrrggghhhh !!

And by the way I did give……  and no it wasnt to Macmillan
Both ALS, and in the UK, MND,  are sister organisations aiming to raise awareness of the neurodegenerative disease, known as Motor Neurone Disease in the UK,
and that is who I donated to.



A Windfall and its not even Autumn

Npower revenue increase after hikes
A few years ago we had a really bitter winter…… and I mean bloody cold….. so being the wimp I am I cranked the heating right up…

Now I pay my gas on a weekly basis so I doubled my payments at the time because I knew there was going to be a hefty bill at the end of the winter quarter  and I was right.. but with what I had paid it was fine…  Anyway I carried on paying that extra over the summer last year and throughout the winter expecting the weather to be as bad but in all honestly last winter wasn’t bad at all.  No real bitter winds or snow for days on end….  Actually it was quite disappointing so a lot of the time my central heating stayed ticking away on about setting 3 and on the timer during the day instead of the year before when it was cranked up as far as it was go and on permanently.

I must add that I hate wrapping up.. Cant stand jumpers indoors… you know the weather is cold as I will wear a full T shirt instead of vest shirt indoors.. and will wear a sweatshirt outside……. and maybe a coat……

Anyway  when the bill for info arrived at my door last April  It told me I was about £250 in credit.. Great I thought a nice little nest egg to fall back on this winter if its bitter cold.. I wont have to worry…   I carried on paying my weekly payments…….  

Then last Friday I got a letter come through the door. It was a Cheque from NPower for over £300  a refund on my account…   Problem was it was account payee..
Now thanks to my wonderful  NOT Husband  (ex I wish) I was made bankrupt years ago and have a credit score rating which is so bad even the kids wouldn’t lend me a penny. So problem 1.  I don’t have an account in my name…..  Everything I have ever had,has gone into Allan’s account.. Even my child benefit……  (yes ok I do have his card so have full access to the money which is more than he does lol )

So I call up NPower and explain the situation and got a very stressy woman on the other end of the phone telling me.. No I can’t send the cheque back and have the credit stay on my account as it’s over £100.  No I can’t send the cheque back and have it put in Allan’s name as his name is not on the gas account.. … Basically she said I had a choice.. Find a way of cashing the cheque like paying some cash converter and losing a good chunk of it or tearing it up and losing the money……
Ironically I owe on the electric so I was half expecting them to say they would transfer it over to that so I said fine I would sort it out before they even thought about it.

So I called Allan’s bank up.. bearing in mind they can see my money goes into his account..  Their suggestion was he adds me onto his account as a joint account and then I can deposit the cheque.
or B. I open up an account with them. so they book me an appointment to go along that afternoon.
Yes I could have an account with them with a chip and pin card and everything   whoop whoop… but it wouldn’t be a current account card. it would just be and easy cash card. but I could use it at ATMs  however………  I would have to open it on-line and it would take about three weeks to sort and then deposit the cheque.

Now mentally because we have now accepted the fact that I have this cash available… we have already mentally spent a good part of it. (Notice the We there)
So I ask them what would be the quickest way to get the cheque sorted.
The answer was a savings account.. I still have a card but can only draw at the ATM… but I can transfer via on-line banking to Allan’s account and of course use his account then to access the cash.. it would take a week… so that is what I did… she told me that the cheque would be clear  by Friday the 29th and that I should receive my card and pin number within ten days.. I did explain to her that by the time it arrived there would probably be nothing in there lol

So that is where we are now… I actually have an account now that I can have deposits paid into.. I can pay cheques into it…  and I can get at the money next week.
The wish list so far is

New lenses for the Nikon Camera
a few day trips out with the kids..
RAF Hendon free to get in but I can see it costing a bit once we get in the gift shop.
and Southend Adventure Island ( Ali gets in free as he has a blue peter badge)
some Cheetos and grape Jelly from eBay
and new coats to go back to school with for the boys
(I already have the rest of their uniform for the first time ever I am organised before September)
and maybe some christmas presents although not sure who for yet. 

There will still be a fair bit left over which

I will put on one side to go towards the winter gas bill  🙂




To those who subscribe…….. I had updated my app on my phone for wordpress and somehow my settings had changed and everything had gone to draft rather than posting since the middle of June so I have had to publish everything written.
I only noticed because for a change I used my pc

so if you were wondering why I had been so Quiet……… 


(what do you mean bugger she’s back)


Now you know……..

Flooding and Storms….

Last month we had some lovely hot weather but we also had some major storms…….
18th July we had a mega great thunder-storm.. you could see it rolling in

I took some pictures of the sky as the storm clouds were forming

garden pics

The boys and I sat in the garden watching even when the lightning started we sat and watched.. I had warned the boys that if I said get in that there was to be no questions just run the hell in……..  The lightening was getting closer and the clap of thunder was instant.. and we were sitting on metal chairs. if it got that close I  was going to call it a day

Now the worrying thing is the Art in the Park event was the next day… The weather forecast for Saturday the 19th was thunder storms and torrential rain……..   Not good……. but as it goes like I had said in the post about the event.. it rained in the morning while we were setting up and as the morning drew on and the even was about to start about 11am the sun started to shine… As it goes by the end of the day I was sunburnt……..
fast forward to Sunday..
A lovely day and we take the boys out to the spitfire museum and raf Manston museum ..   there had been some rain forecast but we hadn’t seen any, i was driving back and in the distance as im driving along the A2 having just passed through faversham and driving up the hill towards Teynham I could see the sky was black…..  I could actually see the rain falling from the sky in the distance……. And yes.. as we entered Teynham High Street it teamed it down.. by the time we got to the other end of the high street the roads were flooded..
This is what I was driving through

thankfully we have a landrover so getting through flooded roads is not a problem..
The roads in Sittingbourne were just as flooded..
high street


My Foot

The floods went down within hours and you wouldn’t have known how bad it was if you hadn’t of seen it..
There have been a couple of houses struck by lightning in the last month..
Then again in August we have had more storms.. we had the tail end of Hurricane Bertha which was actually quite a squib but there have been other storms coming in.
here are some pictures that were posted on Facebook of the sky in Iwade…. (yes we had the same sky as its less than a mile from us)
10478123_10152600620359104_145683357838940448_n 10402466_10152657719437975_1632153568249120260_n 10481170_10152253406982475_1878898707899927900_n
And then there was just over a week ago..  It was a Thursday afternoon.14th August. 
I know that because I was taking my dad shopping in Asda and we were parked in the disabled space.
here is the news report if you are wondering whose foot it was posted on Facebook they mention … well it was mine lol  as here are some pics I had taken in the car park as I struggled to get not only the shopping in the car.. I had to take apart my dads scooter and get it in the car and then try to help him get in without him getting too wet. I got him home in his mondeo and then had to drive back in the land rover to find out that even Quinton Road where I live off was flooded.

Back of my dads car in disabled space

Back of my dads car in disabled space

Up to my ankles in water.. thankfully I had flip flops on that day.....

Up to my ankles in water.. thankfully I had flip flops on that day…..


I know that flash flood happen but three or four times in a month is way over average……. especially in areas that haven’t been flooded in over 40 or 50 years.

Now the thing is I have always said when they knocked down the pumping station with the mill that there would be problems as that is what used to use a lot of the water from the stream.. having lived in Periwinkle close I know all about the mill, flooding and streams……  we grew up with the history….. the tales of the flooding from the creek
are they going to admit that maybe they were wrong to knock down the old pumping station and water tower when they demolished the mill to build the new Morrisons .. who knows……. but I can bet this is not the end of the flooding…

R.I.P Andy Smith.


Todays trip out to headcorn was partly marred by the sad news that a very good friend had passed away.. I got the news while I was actually at the show.  

My good Friend and Alexs godfather Andy passed away  Friday Night… He had recently been diagnosed with type three cancer of the stomach and liver and was in hospital.  That in itself had been a shock. He had suffered with pain from Gallstones Or were they ?? for many years and the doctors were reluctant to operate because of his weight..
Now much as we loved Andy he has been known to be a tad melodramatic at times.. So I guess we didn’t take him seriously enough when he insisted there was a bigger problem.   I knew he was back in  hospital. He had been in before with a gallstones operation which didn’t go very well and I had been in then to visit him but with my dad being so Ill and having operations at Medway I just couldn’t face going up there… When My dad had his last op on the 11th I was going to pop in and see Andy while my dad was under……..  Then Allan had to do the cardboard on his own and couldn’t have the boys and I didn’t think Andy would appreciate me turning up with two very bored kids who had been up since 5am as my dad had to be checked in at 8am… So I decided to take my dad straight to his department.. and then wait for the call to come and collect him around 5.30pm.  So I didn’t go up and See Andy on the ward.   Something I will always regret.   Yes I admit at times he has driven us mad with his attitude to work at times and the nocturnal lifestyle he kept, out all night and asleep most of the day… getting up and coming around to ours before being called home by his elderly parents for dinner… but he had a heart of gold… if you ever needed a friend he was there……..  When I had all the hassle and split from my Husband.. not only was Andy there but he found me somewhere to stay with a friend…  In fact a lot of the good friends I have today I have met through Andy over the years…….. 
He was so proud when we asked him to be Alex’s godparent. He would never have children of his own so it was the next best thing.   We worked it out the other night that I have known Andy over 15 years and Allan has known him 18years…….. he has always been there at the end of the phone…… 
To say  I am heart-broken is and understatement ..I am in total shock.  
We havent even seen him for ages and ages because  we have been so busy with the Cardboard collecting and courses that everything and everyone else was put on the back burner because we never had time for them..  Another regret…….
Friends and Family must come first  as you never know when they are no longer going to be there… Its been a very hard lesson to learn.

So here I am a week on and waiting for news of when his funeral is going to be……..

And the tears are still streaming……

Andy Smith also known as Andy Roberts on the Airwaves as he was a radio presenter in many local studios… he even got me my job with BRFM before Alex was born.

The World has lost a great man with a Great Heart……… Alex has lost his godfather And I have lost a friend 😦



6th Annual Combined Ops Show at Headcorn Airfield, Kent

The best way to describe this show is to quote directly off the website.

Kent’s only Military Vehicle and Airshow a truly unique experience!

This unique event held at Headcorn Aerodrome has a variety of vintage and modern aircraft displays, on the ground and in the air.  A family event  which includes static military vehicles, living history re-enactment groups, arena events, military stalls and children’s mini tanks and food stalls to make this a perfect day out.

One the most amazing sights in the skies is always the arrival of the Lancaster and Spitfire from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF). The RAF’s Lancaster is one of the only two airworthy Lancaster’s out of the thousands that were ever built and we are honoured and excited to have the only other airworthy Lancaster in the world! (the Avro Lancaster from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum) attend both Saturday and Sunday and provide a full display with the other BBMF aircraft. This will be one of the very few opportunities to see both Lancasters flying together in the UK.

We were very honoured to see the BBMF  in full flight as well, it was a fantastic display..   The boys also had a great time as they always do…

People may think it strange that two young boys are fascinated by such things as WW1, WW2, the planes, trains and automobiles of the past.  They love places like Hornby, Museums, and castles…..     Yes they love their computer games as well but they much prefer days out…..  

Anyway we stocked them up with some more clothes as their old combats were getting rather small and they wear them out. 
And got them a newsemi and fully automatic Airsoft BB gun  as well. this one here    Last year they got a BB pistol each and targets this year it was one gun between them and a target and target catcher……  we figured one kid with this type of gun was enough to watch at a time…  🙂

Cant wait till next year……

Roll on 15/16th  August 2015

combined ops

Wildwood with Friends……

This trip to Wildwood… (yes another place where we have an annual membership to) we took Ali’s friend… (Last time we took Alex’s)

And the trail was finding clues for the teddy bears picnic…

We had a lovely day.. weather was perfect despite rain falling in the week..  and Ali and his Friend Josh had a fantastic time.. with Alex tagging along..

Got to love these Season tickets so we can go as often as we want and take up to three extra kids with us……..
We always get our moneys worth.