Feeling rather peeved.

We haven’t been able to get out as much as we wanted to so far this summer with the boys… 

Although I am not on my courses Monday and Fridays (put them off until September when the kids go back to school)

We have still had the Cardboard to do two days a well,    We had sent a mail to say that from September we wouldn’t be able to do it any-more as we are so busy with courses etc that we just don’t have time to do it.. and if I’m honest we have done it for the last two years now and it is bloody hard work.

So an Email was sent to the GSL at the end of July stating that we would carry on until September and then would regrettably have to give up on the weekdays collecting cardboard but Allan would stay on of course as a Cub leader and of course we would help out with the monthly paper collection on a Friday night.

We didn’t even get so much as an acknowledgement of the email,  I was so mad that I was tempted to give it up in the holidays……… but as we have a great relationship with the people we collect from and didn’t want to let them down we have carried on.. or should I say Allan has carried on as he has had to go out twice now on his own because I have had to take my dad to hospital for another couple of little operations… and one I had to spend the night at his place………   (not fun) 

I’m actually looking forward to September now as I can finally find time to sort a few bits out and maybe even fit in another course or two.
We are just wondering now how long it will be before we do get a reply to our email .


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