6th Annual Combined Ops Show at Headcorn Airfield, Kent

The best way to describe this show is to quote directly off the website.

Kent’s only Military Vehicle and Airshow a truly unique experience!

This unique event held at Headcorn Aerodrome has a variety of vintage and modern aircraft displays, on the ground and in the air.  A family event  which includes static military vehicles, living history re-enactment groups, arena events, military stalls and children’s mini tanks and food stalls to make this a perfect day out.

One the most amazing sights in the skies is always the arrival of the Lancaster and Spitfire from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF). The RAF’s Lancaster is one of the only two airworthy Lancaster’s out of the thousands that were ever built and we are honoured and excited to have the only other airworthy Lancaster in the world! (the Avro Lancaster from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum) attend both Saturday and Sunday and provide a full display with the other BBMF aircraft. This will be one of the very few opportunities to see both Lancasters flying together in the UK.

We were very honoured to see the BBMF  in full flight as well, it was a fantastic display..   The boys also had a great time as they always do…

People may think it strange that two young boys are fascinated by such things as WW1, WW2, the planes, trains and automobiles of the past.  They love places like Hornby, Museums, and castles…..     Yes they love their computer games as well but they much prefer days out…..  

Anyway we stocked them up with some more clothes as their old combats were getting rather small and they wear them out. 
And got them a newsemi and fully automatic Airsoft BB gun  as well. this one here  https://bbguns4less.co.uk/products/Bulldog-B500A1-AEG-Electric-BB-Gun-Airsoft-Rifle.html    Last year they got a BB pistol each and targets this year it was one gun between them and a target and target catcher……  we figured one kid with this type of gun was enough to watch at a time…  🙂

Cant wait till next year……

Roll on 15/16th  August 2015

combined ops


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