R.I.P Andy Smith.


Todays trip out to headcorn was partly marred by the sad news that a very good friend had passed away.. I got the news while I was actually at the show.  

My good Friend and Alexs godfather Andy passed away  Friday Night… He had recently been diagnosed with type three cancer of the stomach and liver and was in hospital.  That in itself had been a shock. He had suffered with pain from Gallstones Or were they ?? for many years and the doctors were reluctant to operate because of his weight..
Now much as we loved Andy he has been known to be a tad melodramatic at times.. So I guess we didn’t take him seriously enough when he insisted there was a bigger problem.   I knew he was back in  hospital. He had been in before with a gallstones operation which didn’t go very well and I had been in then to visit him but with my dad being so Ill and having operations at Medway I just couldn’t face going up there… When My dad had his last op on the 11th I was going to pop in and see Andy while my dad was under……..  Then Allan had to do the cardboard on his own and couldn’t have the boys and I didn’t think Andy would appreciate me turning up with two very bored kids who had been up since 5am as my dad had to be checked in at 8am… So I decided to take my dad straight to his department.. and then wait for the call to come and collect him around 5.30pm.  So I didn’t go up and See Andy on the ward.   Something I will always regret.   Yes I admit at times he has driven us mad with his attitude to work at times and the nocturnal lifestyle he kept, out all night and asleep most of the day… getting up and coming around to ours before being called home by his elderly parents for dinner… but he had a heart of gold… if you ever needed a friend he was there……..  When I had all the hassle and split from my Husband.. not only was Andy there but he found me somewhere to stay with a friend…  In fact a lot of the good friends I have today I have met through Andy over the years…….. 
He was so proud when we asked him to be Alex’s godparent. He would never have children of his own so it was the next best thing.   We worked it out the other night that I have known Andy over 15 years and Allan has known him 18years…….. he has always been there at the end of the phone…… 
To say  I am heart-broken is and understatement ..I am in total shock.  
We havent even seen him for ages and ages because  we have been so busy with the Cardboard collecting and courses that everything and everyone else was put on the back burner because we never had time for them..  Another regret…….
Friends and Family must come first  as you never know when they are no longer going to be there… Its been a very hard lesson to learn.

So here I am a week on and waiting for news of when his funeral is going to be……..

And the tears are still streaming……

Andy Smith also known as Andy Roberts on the Airwaves as he was a radio presenter in many local studios… he even got me my job with BRFM before Alex was born.

The World has lost a great man with a Great Heart……… Alex has lost his godfather And I have lost a friend 😦




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