A Windfall and its not even Autumn

Npower revenue increase after hikes
A few years ago we had a really bitter winter…… and I mean bloody cold….. so being the wimp I am I cranked the heating right up…

Now I pay my gas on a weekly basis so I doubled my payments at the time because I knew there was going to be a hefty bill at the end of the winter quarter  and I was right.. but with what I had paid it was fine…  Anyway I carried on paying that extra over the summer last year and throughout the winter expecting the weather to be as bad but in all honestly last winter wasn’t bad at all.  No real bitter winds or snow for days on end….  Actually it was quite disappointing so a lot of the time my central heating stayed ticking away on about setting 3 and on the timer during the day instead of the year before when it was cranked up as far as it was go and on permanently.

I must add that I hate wrapping up.. Cant stand jumpers indoors… you know the weather is cold as I will wear a full T shirt instead of vest shirt indoors.. and will wear a sweatshirt outside……. and maybe a coat……

Anyway  when the bill for info arrived at my door last April  It told me I was about £250 in credit.. Great I thought a nice little nest egg to fall back on this winter if its bitter cold.. I wont have to worry…   I carried on paying my weekly payments…….  

Then last Friday I got a letter come through the door. It was a Cheque from NPower for over £300  a refund on my account…   Problem was it was account payee..
Now thanks to my wonderful  NOT Husband  (ex I wish) I was made bankrupt years ago and have a credit score rating which is so bad even the kids wouldn’t lend me a penny. So problem 1.  I don’t have an account in my name…..  Everything I have ever had,has gone into Allan’s account.. Even my child benefit……  (yes ok I do have his card so have full access to the money which is more than he does lol )

So I call up NPower and explain the situation and got a very stressy woman on the other end of the phone telling me.. No I can’t send the cheque back and have the credit stay on my account as it’s over £100.  No I can’t send the cheque back and have it put in Allan’s name as his name is not on the gas account.. … Basically she said I had a choice.. Find a way of cashing the cheque like paying some cash converter and losing a good chunk of it or tearing it up and losing the money……
Ironically I owe on the electric so I was half expecting them to say they would transfer it over to that so I said fine I would sort it out before they even thought about it.

So I called Allan’s bank up.. bearing in mind they can see my money goes into his account..  Their suggestion was he adds me onto his account as a joint account and then I can deposit the cheque.
or B. I open up an account with them. so they book me an appointment to go along that afternoon.
Yes I could have an account with them with a chip and pin card and everything   whoop whoop… but it wouldn’t be a current account card. it would just be and easy cash card. but I could use it at ATMs  however………  I would have to open it on-line and it would take about three weeks to sort and then deposit the cheque.

Now mentally because we have now accepted the fact that I have this cash available… we have already mentally spent a good part of it. (Notice the We there)
So I ask them what would be the quickest way to get the cheque sorted.
The answer was a savings account.. I still have a card but can only draw at the ATM… but I can transfer via on-line banking to Allan’s account and of course use his account then to access the cash.. it would take a week… so that is what I did… she told me that the cheque would be clear  by Friday the 29th and that I should receive my card and pin number within ten days.. I did explain to her that by the time it arrived there would probably be nothing in there lol

So that is where we are now… I actually have an account now that I can have deposits paid into.. I can pay cheques into it…  and I can get at the money next week.
The wish list so far is

New lenses for the Nikon Camera
a few day trips out with the kids..
RAF Hendon free to get in but I can see it costing a bit once we get in the gift shop.
and Southend Adventure Island ( Ali gets in free as he has a blue peter badge)
some Cheetos and grape Jelly from eBay
and new coats to go back to school with for the boys
(I already have the rest of their uniform for the first time ever I am organised before September)
and maybe some christmas presents although not sure who for yet. 

There will still be a fair bit left over which

I will put on one side to go towards the winter gas bill  🙂



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