RAF Hendon London The last Trip out of summer holidays

Last Saturday was the last major trip out for the summer holidays and we went to the RAF Hendon museum,  what can I say the place is massive, its great for all ages, its cheap. Parking for up to 6 hours and you need 6 hours was £4  and entry was free..   We took a picnic and there is a massive picnic area in there with 50 interactive things for kids to do from flying a helicopter to wind tunnels to dropping bombs……..  suiting all ages.  The boys loved the simulator, we felt exactly what it was like being in red arrow 7 and in the boys words it was AWESOME.   (that was an extra £9 for a family ticket)  and we saw a dog fight  {plane type in the skies} in full 4D movie…   even Ali who cant actually see in 3D was impressed because we were right at the front and with the glasses over his he still could see some effects although not all, and yes got soaked the same as us when the fuel tank was hit.

We are great fans of Duxford IMW museum for their exhibits but I can honestly say this matches it perfectly except we didn’t have the pay the £17.50 per adult to get in.. Duxford may have more hangers but this is so much better value for money if you are not there for the airshow.  (which Duxford charge extra for)

We Will be back… Yes  defiantly 

Ok that is the side of things everyone usually see’s  Now for a change I thought I would show the side of things we face every day……..  for those who dont know Ali is on the Autistic spectrum

Ali even though he is interested and loves places like this. He can still be hard work at times and this is what happens. Yes we get looks from people when we go out to places, yes we get comments. and yes there are times when I am willing to quite happily smack people in the head for their ignorant comments.  But Not once on any of our trips out has Ali ever caused any damage……… thankfully while we have little episodes where he needs space and time to chill for a few mins.. we have never had a major meltdown while we have been out. but we still get people comment… one lady was disgusted that we could have no respect and allow him to slouch during a film shown on the bouncing bomb.  The other problem we have with Ali is he has no depth perception due to his sight problems and there was one exhibit with a rope and curb around it…   we were walking around and Ali tripped on the small curb and set off an alarm.. at which point this big jobs worth security guy came over and told him off….. I did see Ali trip but was too far to hear  clearly what was said due to the guys accent,  and Ali wont tell me because he refused to speak for ages afterwards and still wont say what was said…… 

I was tempted to go and say something to the guard but we were only half way through the visit and in all honestly what I would have said would probably got us kicked out.
However a strong letter of complaint has been written and sent off.

This isn’t our last trip out of the year but was our last trip out in the summer holidays.

headcorn ali


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