Back to School :(



Still not in a good place after yesterday and I admit I am feeling very sad at the end of the summer holidays and the prospect of school runs. 😦  Its a morning I have been dreading.

I’m very grateful to have had all this time off with my family and for all the fun things we have seen and done , the people we’ve met up with and the places we’ve been. 

I know I am lucky to have been home for the summer holiday with the boys.

 I know there are mums out there who can’t wait for the kids to go back to school after the long summer holidays and I admit there have been times when they have driven me mad with the bickering or just plain mess around the place….  But I miss them when they go back to school…  I think it’s why I always try to keep myself busy… It makes those six hours go faster.

Roll on Half Term!!!


One thought on “Back to School :(

  1. I hope your coping alright and that your be your normal happy self soon. If you need a chat or cheering up i’m here anytime for you.Take care of yourself xxx

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