Car Insurance……. Bloody Headache……. Wankers….

Ever since I got my licence……. or should I say ever since Allan got his licence……
We shopped around and at the time it was cheaper to put him as named driver on my fully comp insurance.

on both cars………….
So I had two separate insurance policies fully comp for both our cars with Allan as a name driver on both.
Allan had one accident in 2009 that wasn’t his fault as some tosser in a lorry cut right across his lane on the M2 as some woman had opened her car door on the hard shoulder… truck pulls into Allan’s lane… (he was in fast lane on two lane motorway) and as Allan comes back into the lane from near the crash barrier on the centre of the motorway……. some stupid bint and a pink girly sports car drove into the back of Allan..
While she was at fault… my policy renewal always says accident free since 2009.

Any way I am way off subject……

What I want to Rant about is Budget Car Insurance

When Allan got his Corsa.  I needed insurance for him so he could drive it home
So instead of going to Swinton which I use for the Landrover now I thought I would use compare the market….
Yes ok I wanted a bloody meerkat I wanted Oleg lol

So I put in all the details..
Right down to do you have any no claims bonus or have been named on another person insurance..
I put that he had been on my insurance policy since 2009 accident free..

the details went through the comparison site and the cheapest that came up was budget.
So I called them and got it sorted.. they asked for proof that he was a named driver. so I copied all my insurance papers and sent them off

Two weeks go by and they ask for more proof so I even get Swindon to give me a contact number for them to call
Nope that’s no good.. Allan gets a text to contact them urgently as his policy was no longer valid.. What the Fuck!!
So we call them up and they offer us another policy… £30 more a month because……  They wont accept Allan’s 5 yrs no claims bonus for as a named driver on my policy
and why wont they accept it… Because My surname is different to Allan’s.

Apparently if we were married it would be accepted no problem they wont even accept the fact that we can prove we have lived together for 11 years…


There are times when it would be easier if I was able to get a divorce and we could get a civil partnership  (that would be the coolest although I know a man and woman can’t get one.. )  at least it would solve the problems when it came to  official paperwork,

Cant do anything now as we would lose the deposit which was quite  big and we would have to pay another fee for breaking the contract.
So next year when it comes up for renewal.. and Allan has a years no claims bonus in his own name.
We shop around again or maybe even call A……

And Budget can go screw themselves……..

On the plus side……….

I got….. Oleg.



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