Adventure Island and a cheap day out……. well for us it was..



On Saturday we took the boys to Adventure Island, in Southend, I decided that after everything that has gone on lately the boys could do with another day out.
We usually go away to pontins the first or second weekend the boys go back to school after the summer break but due to lack of finances I could only book one trip there this year.
Now I am a tight wad I admit it… I have memberships to Wildwood, English Heritage….. Hornby…  National Trust and everything else…….  because we go lots of times and get our moneys worth.  Well we go at least once or twice a year to Adventure Island,

Ali loves rides and anything high, he has no fear, I put a lot of this down to the fact that he can’t see far so has no idea how high up he goes.. Alex is more of a wuss…  The Rage ride in Southend is one of these ones that goes straight up, dead drop, then upside down loop, a few corkscrews etc  Now Alex would never go on it before so that meant Ali couldn’t go on it as he can’t go on it on his own because one I wouldn’t let him anyway and two he would have to take his glasses off and can’t see without them more than a couple of feet in front of him and very blurry at that.   So this time I bribed Alex saying if he went on it I would get him a large slushie and a Lego figure or two … *he is mad about Lego*  So off they went……….. and the result is…….. they came off it beaming  shouting  IT’S AWESOME!!  and then went on it again and again and again..
we got there about 11am and we didn’t leave until 10.30pm  Kicking out time! 

Now in comparison to Alton towers or Chessington this is bloody good value at the best of times, because you have the rides and everything else that goes with an amusement park but The admission is free. So unlike Alton Towers and everywhere else.. I don’t need to pay to get in when I don’t go on the rides… I have done all that years ago but since I started getting back problems I can’t go on them. so kinda begrudge paying to get into places to just stand there……   And Allan doesn’t go on the rides either.
But here they use wristbands.. with three heights… and three prices.. (I will put the link at the bottom of the page)

So here we are… Now the boys are Tall so can have the blue wrist bands and go on everything..
And here is the bonus… If you buy your wrist bands on-line… they are cheaper…….   If you buy your wrist band on-line they last to the end of the year…  If you buy your wrist band in winter on-line they are cheaper still.   
So if you do what I do and order and pay for the wrist bands in January.. they last until December… which means you can go in the summer for a lot less than you would pay on-line in the summer..
Last January I got their wristbands and we went in the winter just for a break and it was bloody cold even though we had a mild winter.  but the kids still loved it..
Then when Ali got his blue peter badge we realised that he gets his wrist band for free.  Even better so now we only had one to buy… So when it was still classed as winter rates.. (last march) I ordered another wristband on line, actually they just give you a reference number..   And that’s what we used on Saturday..
Ali got in free..
Alex’s wristband cost me £18 instead of either £21 on-line or £25 on the day..
The bumper cars you pay extra for now this is £3 for the car……  or you can get an unlimited wrist band for £5  so if you know your kids are going to go on more than twice its a no brainer really.  
So having paid ages ago for Alex’s Blue band… Ali free total cost on the day was nothing really.
Fuel to get there… its only an hour away so not that far….
Food is expensive in the park but on the sea front it’s not that bad..
I also take a massive picnic with us everywhere I go, and if you look at the pushchair its laden with bags ,we took our weekend visitor Shelby with us. The Pushchair is great for putting the picnic bags on and I know it wont tip.. as its very well-balanced… It’s the one I bought for Alex when he was a baby lol So getting my moneys worth out of that as well although when I had finished with using it with Ali and it went up in the loft I didn’t think I would be using it again to be honest.. but I gave it away… it got a puncture we got it back and have kept it.. I wouldn’t part with it again now.

So there we go…   Oh I paid £8 for the rage official photo because I couldn’t get a good one but then later I had an idea I took a picture of the screens when the boys went on another ride… and erm saved myself £8

I may just take them back for the winter wonderland christmas event as well.. Oh and next time we will go to the sea life Adventure Aquarium   which if booked on-line its cheaper..  hmmmm wonder if Ali can get in free lol Must go… got an email to Sea Life  to send!

Paid £8 for this

Paid £8 for this

This is a photo of the screen of the green scream  result free lol

This is a photo of the screen of the green scream result free lol


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