Hustle and Bustle of the Beach (yeah another rant)

There’s truly nothing like a day at the beach. Sun, balmy ocean breeze, clean seawater, good food, and good company, fresh air for the kids, Life is good. That is until those without good beach etiquette arrive and feel the need to squat right on top of you.
What is it about people who feel the need to sit so close you can feel the heat radiate off their skin? There’s tons of space, we can be the only two families on the beach, but you want to snuggle with me?

Move the fuck over!
We always get to the beach hours before anyone we leave early in the day to avoid the traffic if its a fair distance away,  so once we are there we can enjoy the peace and quiet that the beach and sea can offer. I love watching the sun over the water, it glistens so pretty.

You can hear the gulls as they chatter among themselves. Peaceful. Relaxing. We avoid the places where you get the holiday crowds.. we love living ten, fifteen mins drive from the closest beach Leysdown on Sea …be it if we want a beach just to sit on or  if we want the hustle and bustle with amusements. No matter where we go,  that is where the hoards come, I love living in the South of England as we have every type of beach going from shells, stones, or pure sand and even dunes, all within an hour or two’s drive from us… be it staying in Kent or going to East Sussex to Camber.
Anyway back to the hoards, when they arrive. All one million rude beach goers that want to sit right on top of me. Seriously I know the beaches have been busy but why when there is loads of space do they have to put their towel right down next to our blanket.
They move in with all their unnecessary beach stuff. None of them know how to put up and umbrella so it stays put. None of them understand that sand should stay on the beach and not flying randomly about as they shake out their towels or run by you at 60mph.


I gave up smoking so my son didn’t have to breath in cigarette smoke which of course makes his asthma worse… and here I have some rude person sitting and smoking right in our faces yes thats another thing that pisses me off… And then they bury their dog ends in the sand..

None of them understand that we don’t throw the trash around us we get up and put it in the bins provided and if there are none handy.. here is a novel idea we take it home and dispose of it there..
And finally while we are outside, we really do not have to shout at each other. Quiet indoor voices work well.

Now my favourite times to go to the beach is before and after the school summer holidays but we have been known to go during as well but now all the kids are back at school the weather is usually still great.. So that’s where We intend to go on our next sunny day out…….. To the beach  Hopefully the weather will be nice this weekend.

I understand that not everyone is as lucky as we are to have a choice of beaches to go to and that some may only see them on a weeks holiday once a year but please… have thought for those around you…



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