A Five Minute walk to Milton and a step back in time.

I have lived surrounding Milton Regis on and off since we first moved to the area when I was about 7 years old..  and in the whole time I had never ever been inside the court-house…….. I have always loved Milton as a village and the look of the historic buildings.. and I admit over the years It has got rather run down but the post office and Hall were always the most majestic buildings there… The post office is no longer a post-office but the building is still there and has been for 300/400 years..


I must find out one day

I have always been fascinated by history especially local history.. I don’t think the majority of people who live near Milton appreciate the history of the village  I used to live in Periwinkle close which was named after a stream and watermill…  


Anyway back to Milton High street.. There has always been the court-house there and as I said I had never been inside it……….  and by the time I thought about going it had shut to the public 😦  as was slowly going into disrepair.  Fast-forward and now there is a group of lovely people who decided that the hall was worth saving and formed Friends of Milton Regis Court Hall.  and they had an open day this weekend……….  two days the hall was open again to the public so we decided to walk there with the boys… took us a whole five mins to get there as we cut across the rec.


thisismiltonregis  005

I remember being told about the mammoth tusk by someone else years ago and was pleased to see it was still there as that is what appealed to the boys the most I think.

I have to say if I didn’t have so much going on in my life at the moment and volunteering with so many organisations I would be tempted to join the cause…   Maybe at a later date I or should I say we will become active however we will take out a family membership next time I speak to one of the friends as she also chairs on the Country Park Committee we are members of….

Anyway  the kids loved it… so did we…….  and of course I took lots of Pictures….

PicMonkey Collage


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