Where there is a will there is a way.

Over the years Allan has had many a job,  but if we go back to when we actually got together… he was a chef……….. He was a chef in Canterbury, and then when we moved to Sittingbourne and he ended up in the Quays  He got a job as Head Chef in the Red Lion in Bluetown.. he did this right up until I became really ill when Alex was a baby.. and I’m talking weeks old.  I had, had a sore throat but insisted on going to work.. Allan worked from 4pm till gone 1am by the time he cleared up and got home. I worked from 7am to about 2.30pm selling advertising and working for a local slr radio station.  we literally saw each other in passing, Passing Alex over. Allan looked after him while I was at work and I took over when I got back in.    Things were just starting to look up.. I had been offered temporary accommodation. a Three bedroom, house… We looked at it and straight away agreed… I got the keys Wednesday.. we moved the few bits we had in and I went to work in the morning and by lunchtime I was feeling so Ill, my boss told me to go straight to the doctors. I walked into the surgery to book an appointment and the nurse sent me straight into the doctor. who arranged a hospital bed for me at Medway hospital and told me to make my way there it would be quicker than ambulance…..  My throat and neck had swelled up.. I had this massive lump in my neck. 

Anyway… result was Allan moved into a new house. looked after new baby and I was in hospital for at least a week.  When I got out of the hospital I couldn’t work for over two weeks. and when It was time to go back I decided to work from home…….. until Alex was about 3 months……..  Allan was working long hours and something had to give…..
He gave up being a chef and went to work for his brother-in-law landscape gardening.. the work was hard labour but the hours were a lot better.  Allan did this for quite a few years.. until his legs started playing up big time.. He has always had problems but with enough pain killers could plod along.  up until about two years or so ago when his brother in laws business started failing….  So Allan was put on the sick as he couldn’t sign on.
During this time… he kept himself busy.. he took his HGV test and got a Licence. He also became a scout leader and did some training… gained a SIA licence……  not to mention other bits and pieces.  and of course volunteering collecting cardboard for the scouts…

fast forward to now.. Allan started a confidence building course….
This course gave him the confidence he needed to get back into the swing of things….    and he decided that it was time to start looking for a new job but something different.  He wanted to make the most of what he had. his driving licence….. his SIA licence…….. And so started applying for jobs….. Everyone said he wouldn’t even get an interview.. but hey He Applied for 6 jobs…….. got 4 interviews, one just from dropping a cv off at a firm because someone said they were hiring drivers. …… and got offered 4 jobs……..  The problem is he still wanted something that would fit in with the hours he needed to do the scout stuff……….   one job didn’t have the driving job but they offered him a job working shifts………..  he decided that was not for him.. the others were good jobs but the distance to travel to London didn’t make it worth working.

So in short… here we are……..

Life as we know it may never be the same again……

After a major decision lately & looking for a Change of Direction in Life
Very Proud of Allan  Not bad going to 4 interviews in the last few weeks and each one resulted in the offer of the Jobs. Some Suitable some not so….
After deliberation… He has decided to take the one offered to him this afternoon at the interview…. and he started tonight. way to go.

— feeling very proud

Good hours,  Overtime when wanted……….  Distance not bad in comparison to others…….    and doing what he likes……….
Win Win… so now While I am typing.. he is working………..  weird………..


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