Cars behaving badly

In the last week we have faced the challenge of All three cars being off the road at the same time..

Car one  Allan’s Corsa…….. Needed a new battery fitted and now starts so Allan can actually get to work and back at silly o’clock in the morning, without me having to drive him. The things I do for people…. and take my word for it.. going out at 4am to drive him to work and then again at 9pm to pick him up was not fun….

Car two My land-rover……. the starter motor all of a sudden gave up, well actually not all of a sudden. I went over to Maidstone with a friend.. we got back to the car park and when I went to start it the landy wouldn’t start, I shifted the gear lever, kicked whined , kept turning the key and eventually it started…  the next day Allan and I went to Asda’s and when we went to leave it wouldn’t start at all.  RAC man to the rescue and it was the starter motor… so order one from ebay and two days later……
New starter motor fitted by Allan and I… (yep I did my bit and have the bruises and oil on clothes to prove it ) thankfully that worked…

Car three (my dads car we borrowed while the landrover and the corsa was off the road..)  and I’m driving along going to the butcher in stockbury about 11am after driving Allan to work about 28 miles away so a nice round trip of about 60 miles,  took boys to school and then went shopping and of course.. that’s when the exhaust fell off….  oh deary deary me I thought… actually I didn’t I thought for fuck sake………Sooo  I called the RAC  (we certainly get our money worth out of that membership lol ) and they came out and gave it a good kick , WTF  I could have done that instead of waiting two hours for the twat to come…..  then it was a trip to kwik fit and another couple of hour wait while they get the right exhaust in as the first one delivered was the wrong one… . then it was a mad rush to go and get the boys from school.



£239 After

£239 After



So there we have it..  Mondeo with new exhaust system on and running.  Bonus for the old man as we had to pay for it as we were using it……
Landrover with brand new starter motor on..
Corsa with New Battery  (heavy-duty ) on … and while we were at it put new shocks and springs on front and back and a new exhaust tail pipe on it trying to de boy racer the car as the erm young lad who had it before us had lowered it right down and put the loudest exhaust on it going.

And with the exception of the exhaust on the mondeo we managed all by ourselves……..

I can deal with cars breaking down but next time Not all at the same time please…….


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