Whats Happening?

Well Not a lot to be honest……….. Allan has been working especially at weekends so we haven’t really been out and about much…….

Alex has got the cooking bug so at least three times a week he is cooking dinner………… 

We got the results of the Kent Test (11 plus) he took back in September….  and he passed  but has changed his mind about going to the grammar school, well we hope he has…….. I haven’t put it on the preferences for senior school choice but there again I’m not holding my breath for the school I do want him to go to as I want him to go to Westlands, Yes I know its had some bad press but at the end of the day its had excellent ofsted reports. I know the school, it has been kept up with the times and looks clean and modern in comparison to the grammar school which doesn’t look like its had a coat of paint since my oldest went there to look around.  but I have been told that westlands have an intake priority to get in..
1.  Local Authority
2. Siblings
3. Regis Manor
4. Westlands Primary
5. Maths Aptitude test….. (sadly Alex’s worst subject)
6 surrounding villages such as Iwade, and Newington
And then
7. Other areas and applicants……
And although it’s the closest senior school to us oddly we don’t fall under the catchment area… that is for Fulston Manor..
I know I have the right to appeal but I have a feeling its going to be a battle…..

We will have to wait and see now until March.

Its getting close to the end of term now and I can tell, the boys are getting tired… unfortunately we are not going to be able to go and do much over the holidays as I have to take my dad up to London to St Thomas Hospital on Monday  for  more cardio appointments…….. I’m hoping that I can go for a walk across westminster bridge and around the houses of parliament while dad is in the hospital.    Tuesday I  have to take Ali to his asthma consultant appointment at Medway hospital,  Wednesday is Alex’s doctors appointment… Thursday Ali opticians and take the old man shopping and I’m sure there was something I had to do Friday…..  Hopefully we will be able to take the boys somewhere.. or at least I will..  otherwise its going to be a very boring half term.

Other than that . Not a lot going on at the moment…….

Hate this time of year after a busy summer………… I’m busy because I’m doing my courses……. I’m now teaching on a Friday with Adults instead of children……..  So much better as I wasn’t keen on the idea of working with kids……….  Mine I tolerate…everyone else’s I can’t stand 😉 (joke) I think………….   We have stopped the cardboard collecting and to be honest there is a rather nasty atmosphere at the scouts at the moment I will go into more detail when I find out what’s going on but lets just say after we have given it our all for the last two years we are feeling rather peeved at the moment.. I have kept away and Allan just goes on a Thursday as assistant cub leader……. 

Time will tell if my theory is right………..

Finally I can sleep in a Brand new bed…..

Sob story……….. In my whole life…….. well Adult life I should say  I have never had a new bed……….

When I first got my own place years ago I had a bed given to me by a friend..
I had that bed for erm  about 20 years…….. 
When Allan and I got this house……… My mum and dad gave us their old spare double bed… the mattress was terrible I ended up putting a memory foam mattress topper on it…….  Which did the job until we had Teal’c.  When he was about 6 months old he went up to the room one day while we were out and chewed it to shreds.. we came back home to foam everywhere.   I struggled on the old mattress on it but my back killed me… then I got really ill and spent a long time sleeping on a chair downstairs…….   once I was better about 9 months later I did go back to bed upstairs again but we kept saying we needed a new bed…..  

we started moving things around when Amber and the boys switched rooms and our room got used as a bit of a storage room… so we both ended up sleeping on the sleep sofa every night…  and I found that more comfortable than the bed so that’s were we stayed… Shelbys cot went up in our room so  it was basically a room for her and a store room..  we got the sleep sofa out every night and put it away every day… Then decided that when Allan started working nights he needed somewhere quiet for him to sleep in the day.. so we decided that we needed a new bed… So we ordered one from ebay.. We got the same one we bought Amber when she moved it… An otterman one that lifts up for extra storage inside… with a sprung memory foam mattress.   One it was delivered… They didn’t turn up the day it was supposed to but it did come the next day.. and we had put it together… the first night…….. I couldn’t sleep… I was so used to sleeping on the sleep sofa.. it felt too soft………. but then I soon got used to it……… 
Come the weekend and Friday night we are back on the sleep sofa as we have Shelby for the weekend…………. and the sleep sofa felt like sleeping on a board……….  We couldn’t wait until Monday night when we could have our new bed back again… The only draw back is The mornings its very hard to get up at 4am……………

But I can at least say now I have finally had a brand new bed………….  The kids have always had new beds but never me!

This is the type of bed I got.. with loads of storage........ of course its full up under there now

This is the type of bed I got.. with loads of storage…….. of course its full up under there now