Something has gone right for a change.

One of the things I forgot to mention on catch up was the fact that we hadn’t got our choice for Alex’s senior school. In fact, we hadn’t got 2nd or 3rd choice either. I had immediately put in an appeal and put his name on the waiting list for the school we wanted which apart from being a good school with a grammar stream is also the closest to our house and to the boys primary school. The school he had been allocated was nearly 4 miles safe walk away from us. This meant we would not physically be able to get both boys to school on time without one waiting around for an hour and the same for after school. Thankfully we spoke to the boys head and Alex’s teacher and both were more than happy to give us a letter to support our appeal. Well, I got the phone call about an hour ago telling me that the school we wanted were happy to offer Alex a place in September and we had won our appeal without the need for a formal interview. Relieved doesn’t begin to explain how I feel.  Hopefully, things are starting to look up for us now.


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