A to Z of Our Facebook Friends Lists



Am I the only one or do we all have at least one person on our friends list who falls into the following groups.

Group A
This person is constantly ill or tired and will tell us not once but maybe several times a day.
Group B
This person is constantly telling us all how we are destroying our planet and should boycott this and that. But will drive miles and miles to go on holiday or to events.
Group C
This person is paranoid and convinced everything is a government conspiracy and even questions that clouds are real and not mass gases of biochemicals.
Group D
This person is paranoid and must count their friends list every day because they notice each and every person missing and post questioning what they have or haven’t done to cause this unfriend.
Group E
This person is constantly posting every day how pissed off they are, why won’t people leave them alone, how their family or anyone else is having a go at them.
Group F
This person is an attention seeker constantly threatening to either cull their friends list or deactivate their account in the hope they are begged not to do either.
Group G
This person tells you what they are having for every meal (Generally with photographic evidence).
Group H
This person will tell you each and every personal detail of what’s going on in their life, right down to monthly bodily functions.
Group I
This person will post what a bastard their partner is one day and then after getting the much sought after attention will delete the post only to post the most lovey dovey post about their partner the next day.
Group J
This person is another attention seeker who will post something short and sweet like I give up, of course again relishing in the attention asking why.
Group K
This person (maybe one of the most annoying in a way) will post one word and ignore every request for explanation or just give a cryptic clue which no one will get.
Group L
This person tells everyone how they have found the love of their life and constantly berates their ex and how this ex-wants to see the child he has fathered, on a monthly basis. The thing is there are usually at least 3 plus fathers and a new love of their life every month.
Group M
This person is a proud mummy, now I’m not talking about the one who posts about a special achievement or report card proud. I’m talking about the parent who posts every day how clever her child is.
Group N
This person is the one whose status you can’t actually read or understand what they have said because they either can hardly read or write or use so much text speak you need a directory to know what it all means.
Group O
This person doesn’t actually post status updates just checks in everywhere they are right down to the public loo in the town.
Group P
Following on from group O this person is the one who gives you an in-depth description of every bodily function including size and consistency of every bowel movement at least twice a week.
Group Q
This person tags you in everything they see, be it an advert on a selling group or some article on the Daily Fail page even though you are not interested.
Group R
This person sends you game requests for every game they play without fail knowing full well you don’t play the games.
Group S
This person is like the person in group R only they add you to groups so everytime you open up your email account you find 2000 notifications for groups you never even knew you were a member of.
Group T
This person will post on your timeline and if you haven’t clicked like or commented on it within ten mins deletes it. Leaving you with just a notification and wondering what the hell they posted.
Group U
This person is someone who you actually wonder how the hell got on your friends list, you have no friends in common and no idea who they are, but they seem to comment on some of the things you post and you are never sure if you should remove them or not.
Group V
This person is forever suggesting people for you to add to your friends list that you have no idea who they are. (Maybe that explains group U).
Group W
This person comments on everything you post and I mean every status update every picture.
Group X
This person is family, you can’t remove them because it will cause world war 3 but have to constantly hide them from the majority of your status updates.
Group Y
This person is the spoiler, they post every result of every match, race, tv soap etc. They forget that not everyone got up at 3am to watch the F1 and doesn’t want to know the result yet.
And last but not least is…….
Group Z
This person has known you for the majority of your life and will comment or tag you in anything from the past that may possibly be embarrassing.


You know we all have people from at least 10 of these groups on our friends lists and why? Because we live in hope that one day they will surprise us and post something different.  🙂


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