Sports day………..

And boy was it hot……… right in the middle of a heatwave.

they had a five min break between each race……. and after an hour and a half sent the kids indoors for 20 mins to cool down in the air conditioning while us poor parents sat out in the sun.  

As usual Ali hated it and did as little as possible and as Usual Alex was very competitive and won two of his races. 


He got two gold medals which are in his bedroom, but what made it great is every child that took part got a medal ……

Alex has put his upstairs with his collection of various Medals for all the sports he had done. but Ali just left his downstairs.
not interested at all, oh well

But it was good of the school to issue every child with one just for taking part.  Personally I think they are what’s left of a job lot of gold medals, from years ago because I remember Alex winning four of these in about year 2 haha……


Alex ….

I can’t get over the fact that he is soooo tall for one thing, he is actually an inch taller than me now and takes size 10 1/2 shoes (men’s size) as he has grown up to the sky he has also thinned out, The boy has a better social life than I do, today while Ali and I were out Alex had a date.
At  the movies with his girlfriend then he met her parents after with her at  Wetherspoons where he has a drink (of coke I should add ) and they went to her aunties for a BBQ until I had to pick him up in the evening.
He has been with his girlfriend charlotte for about year now,
. wtf he’s not 12 until December. No-one took me out at that age…….

but and there is a but there are both going off to separate senior schools in September so I have no idea how long the romance will last just texting and calls and seeing each other at weekends 

I was actually shocked the other day, I got a phone call about 2pm from Mrs Stevens at the school and for a second I thought there was something wrong with one of the boys and she said that everything was fine, in fact she was calling to say what a lovely young man Alex was and how polite, hardworking and helpful he was, and how I should be very proud of him I was gobsmacked to say the least. 

So looks like my second to last baby has actually grown up into a young man……. 


Today’s New Waterloo Dispatch in Sittingbourne

We have quite a lot of events in Sittingbourne and as well as being Armed forces day today there was also an event in the high street for the 200ths anniversary of waterloo. 

“Recreating the long journey as the news makes its way from Belgium to London via Sittingbourne, actors Michael Bradley and Julian Farrance playing the parts of Commander James White, Major Henry Percy respectively arrived in Sittingbourne on a horse-drawn post-chaise1.”


Ironically Allan is also working all weekend at Walmer castle he is security there for the event weekend to celebrate the Bicentenary of Waterloo and the Coach arrives there tomorrow. (Sunday) 

Archaeology at Rose Hill House

The boys both got a chance with their classmates to go there and help, Alex went Tuesday and Ali went Wednesday, both had a great time and are hoping there will be more digs they can help out in the future. 

Day 3 of the dig and our first day with classes from Grove Park Primary, over 60 kids and just look at their efforts! June 2015…looking NE…
1459788_10152968254516238_5771681509266657057_n 1533917_10152972358231238_3659389435212916042_n 10154036_10152968254536238_8639044965622040881_n 10378063_10152968254426238_4382486963163818574_n 10417579_10152972358226238_7609320892088469366_n 10931498_899446166764546_5327769001921675207_n 10941522_10152972357061238_3380368919967895206_n 11008517_10152972358276238_7771125384207868259_n 11011255_10152968254466238_8389966640558909614_n 11053378_10152972358751238_8935437997056961197_o 11401124_10152968254541238_2219894493339166512_n 11425444_10152972358221238_1191575711585786384_n 11426384_10152968254471238_3053804307808070326_n

I fooking hate time wasters.

The cheek of  some people. My dad had a mobility scooter, He bought it Feb 2014 and paid nearly £3000 at it was the top of the range of scooters, plus he paid an extra £250 for spare batteries and charger pack so you could charge up one set of batteries while using the scooter.   it was only used when we went around airshows or out for the day or in Asda’s if all their scooters were in use. It basically spent its life either in the boot of the car or in my dad’s flat parked up. Ironically it’s how I broke my foot tripping on the anti-trip wheels at the back when we were clearing his flat. Anyhow  I put this scooter up for sale and thought £400 was reasonable enough but to be honest after finding out the amount of damage I did to my foot and how long im going to be in the air cast and knowing I can’t walk that far we were in two minds whether or not to keep it, especially in the summer when we go to combined ops and are going to be walking around all day. Anyway, this woman had seen the advert and asked to  come and see it. We arranged for her to turn up about 11 am as she lived about an hour and a half drive away.We had been invited  to go to a BBQ in the afternoon about 2 pm as Allan was working in the evening and had to be there for 8pm We waited and waited and still no word from them. I did see that the main rd they had to use to get here was shut because of an accident so about 2pm contacted the people we were supposed to be going to for the bbq and told them we couldn’t make it because I would feel guilty if they had travelled all that way and been stuck in a traffic jam for nearly 2 hours and we were not in.  Eventually, they turned up and the first thing she said is what a terrible drive they had, had. which was understandable and that she was never coming to Kent ever again in a very stroppy voice. The proceeded to complain about the scratches on the back of the scooter.. well I had stated that they were there in the advert. in fact I had even posted pictures of the damage on the back in a larger picture . $_57 199545_1968136084836_6638389_n 11032506_10206453494201149_573788506_o

back view of scooter

back view of scooter

11160410_10206453490161048_1436108609_n   After complaining about the “state” of it, she then took it for a test drive……….. and complained about the lack of speed.. she wanted one that went about 8mph.  well if she had read the spec and I had posted it large so again it was easily readable She had already asked what the lowest I would take for it. when she first called me and then I had told her £380 plus I had others contact me offering me £350 which I had refused.  So she then asked Allan if he could fit it in her boot so her husband rode it over and Allan took it apart and showed them how to put it in the boot easily as there was a knack to make it take up the lease space.  then she said… “oh I wasn’t expecting it to fit” and then offered me £100 for it as that would be all she was willing to pay… at which point after standing out there  for nearly an hour while they were looking at it and test driving it etc with a broken foot that was beginning to hurt I’m afraid I lost my patience.. I just said to Allan. take it out of their car and put in back in the landrover.. you know what I will keep it….  the woman looked at me as if to say.. I thought you would take the money as it was already in the car…  Allan took it out.. put it back together and rode it down to the landrover.. took it apart and put it away.   She then said well that was a waste of fuel I think you should reimburse me if you are not willing to sell it and she was going to complain to the site I had advertised it on.  I refrained from telling her what I thought she should do but instead said,  if she was willing to pay the full price she could have it.. if not then it’s not for sale. I also informed her that no selling site going would listen to her complaint. but she could feel free and try.   At which point both Allan and I went indoors….   So we missed out on the BBQ as by then it was nearly 5pm and wouldn’t have been worth going anyway for a couple of hours. so a quick homemade pizza it was for dinner……  And now it’s glass of wine time.

As one door closes another opens :)

So The bad news the other day was the sale of the flat fell through, but in a way it has done us a favour, when my dad passed away my brother just wanted the flat emptied and sold asap, so that’s what we did 

At the time I suggested that we decorate it as you can see there are some water marks on the wall from when my dad’s washing machine leaked and it soaked the wall on the other side… problem was solved but was never painted over. 
The estate agent at the time said that because of the state of decoration the price should be low.  So dear brother agreed.  
My dads will was specific, the flat was left to my brother and my half was divided between the boys with the proceeds being put in a trust fund / ISA account until they were 21.  My brother wanted a quick sale as he wanted his half asap
Personally it makes no difference to me, I would have decorated and put it up for more and waited for a higher price. 
so the sale has fallen through, and now we are going to give it a coat of paint to freshen it up. 

The good news is Amber got an email today saying on condition of her returned application she was going to be put on a shortlist for a new build flat. possibly available at the end of the month so fingers crossed she gets chosen and finally her and the baby will have their own place.   

Rambling on because there is nothing else to do.

As I said at the moment I am seriously bored……..  I struggle to do any housework, just doing the bare minimum to keep the house going, kids fed and clothes clean. everything else is practically impossible.
The same for going out really,  Yes I have a wheelchair, yes I have a top of the range electric scooter.
Both of which were my dads, but… I hate using them so if we go anywhere like the high street I walk with the trusty boot. ok hobble from carpark to shop where we need to go. and then in the supermarket the trolley becomes a zimmer frame.

But the good thing is I get out of the house because when I’m indoors life is kinda like this..


I’m supposed to be keeping my leg up and not walk too much so when I can I rest it..

The advantage is the pc is right by the sofa so at least I can go on the internet while sitting there, here as the case maybe.

When Amber comes over for the weekend we have to go and pick her up basically because there is no room for her massive pram in this house.  She uses the one we have here which is a lovely multi-terrain three wheeler. The problem is she can’t take that back to her mum’s as there is no room for two baby chariots in their house.  So we resolved the problem.

So Amber can easily use the train to come back and forth and have a buggy that is not only suitable from birth to 3 yrs but also folds up smaller we got her this buggy, can’t wait to see the little giggle bum 🙂 

The down’s at the moment is the buyer of my dads flat has pulled out so after weeks of paperwork  and solicitors we are now back to square one. which is a right pain in the bum at the moment.  Oh well back to putting my foot up again..