I can never think what I want

I recently came into a small amount of money left to me from my dads accounts. so I thought I would treat myself. The spending began.
A nice meal out for me, Allan and the boys
It was a nice day and the weather  forecast for the weekend was for nice sunny warm weather. So some clothes shopping took place, I kitted the boys out with all the summer clothes they would need, got them both some new trainers. Then we realised that one of the cars tax was due at the end of May and the mot had run out. So put it in for its MOT and it failed
Got it fixed and taxed it for the year.
Now i knew what senior school Alex was going to I decided to get the majority of his school uniform. So got everything needed from blazer to pe kit at the cost of over £100
Only thing I didn’t get were his and trousers, shirts as he grows like a weed. I then thought I might as well get Ali’s school stuff for sept again with the exception of shirts and trousers. Got them new school bags and all the stuff Alex new needed that was on the school list.
Ali and Allan were due to go to camp with the cubs and needed a few bits like hiking boots for Ali so we pick them up and somehow a couple of new sleeping bags managed to get added to the basket.
Half term was coming up so as I had been stuck indoors we filled both cars up with fuel. Had some days out. Ordered a wristband for Alex so if we decided to go to adventure island we would only need the picnic and fuel that day as Ali gets in free with his blue peter badge. We will probably go in the summer.
The cupboards and freezer was starting to get low so a big shop in Asda’s and butchers stocked us up again.
Arsenal were in the FA cup final and Alex wanted a new kit shirt as his was too small so a trip to sports direct and somehow the boys and Allan ended up with Arsenal shirt each. Not to mention some more clothes for the boys. We are planning on swapping the boy’s room around and we decided that it would be easier if they had an xbox 360 each instead if sharing so got a new one. Picked up a new mobile for Alex for a leaving present on his last day of school.
We went to a bootfair and Allan saw some dvd’s he wanted and a Jerry can.
Hmmmm there is a theme going here… what did I get so far….
Well at the boot fair I got
The complete series box set of darling buds of may dvds
Cost £2
We are on the fundraising committee for our local country park and we do a stall there and decided that we could do with a new pop up gazebo. We went for a black one so when Allan is fixing the car if it rains he is covered and won’t show any accidental marks
Ahh finally i decided i needed some new pj bottom’s so got those bought cheap off Amazon. I got some bits for my beautiful grandson. And then Tammy came round for a visit and ended up treating her to a new onesie off Amazon to be delivered to her mums. After thinking long and hard I decided to get myself a new electric urn. Which will come in handy when we have friends around for the evening or bbq and especially at Xmas so I’m not constantly boiling the kettle. 
Well apart from my normal weeks shopping next week. The windfall is gone.
so apart from the urn a dvd set and my pj bottoms I still never treated myself.  Oh well. At least in September I don’t have to spend fortunes on school uniform’s  for the boys.

  My problem is whenever we have any spare cash it always goes on either Allan, the kids or the house. One day I will think of something that I want for myself.


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