As one door closes another opens :)

So The bad news the other day was the sale of the flat fell through, but in a way it has done us a favour, when my dad passed away my brother just wanted the flat emptied and sold asap, so that’s what we did 

At the time I suggested that we decorate it as you can see there are some water marks on the wall from when my dad’s washing machine leaked and it soaked the wall on the other side… problem was solved but was never painted over. 
The estate agent at the time said that because of the state of decoration the price should be low.  So dear brother agreed.  
My dads will was specific, the flat was left to my brother and my half was divided between the boys with the proceeds being put in a trust fund / ISA account until they were 21.  My brother wanted a quick sale as he wanted his half asap
Personally it makes no difference to me, I would have decorated and put it up for more and waited for a higher price. 
so the sale has fallen through, and now we are going to give it a coat of paint to freshen it up. 

The good news is Amber got an email today saying on condition of her returned application she was going to be put on a shortlist for a new build flat. possibly available at the end of the month so fingers crossed she gets chosen and finally her and the baby will have their own place.   


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