Rambling on because there is nothing else to do.

As I said at the moment I am seriously bored……..  I struggle to do any housework, just doing the bare minimum to keep the house going, kids fed and clothes clean. everything else is practically impossible.
The same for going out really,  Yes I have a wheelchair, yes I have a top of the range electric scooter.
Both of which were my dads, but… I hate using them so if we go anywhere like the high street I walk with the trusty boot. ok hobble from carpark to shop where we need to go. and then in the supermarket the trolley becomes a zimmer frame.

But the good thing is I get out of the house because when I’m indoors life is kinda like this..


I’m supposed to be keeping my leg up and not walk too much so when I can I rest it..

The advantage is the pc is right by the sofa so at least I can go on the internet while sitting there, here as the case maybe.

When Amber comes over for the weekend we have to go and pick her up basically because there is no room for her massive pram in this house.  She uses the one we have here which is a lovely multi-terrain three wheeler. The problem is she can’t take that back to her mum’s as there is no room for two baby chariots in their house.  So we resolved the problem.

So Amber can easily use the train to come back and forth and have a buggy that is not only suitable from birth to 3 yrs but also folds up smaller we got her this buggy, can’t wait to see the little giggle bum 🙂 

The down’s at the moment is the buyer of my dads flat has pulled out so after weeks of paperwork  and solicitors we are now back to square one. which is a right pain in the bum at the moment.  Oh well back to putting my foot up again.. 


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