Archaeology at Rose Hill House

The boys both got a chance with their classmates to go there and help, Alex went Tuesday and Ali went Wednesday, both had a great time and are hoping there will be more digs they can help out in the future. 

Day 3 of the dig and our first day with classes from Grove Park Primary, over 60 kids and just look at their efforts! June 2015…looking NE…
1459788_10152968254516238_5771681509266657057_n 1533917_10152972358231238_3659389435212916042_n 10154036_10152968254536238_8639044965622040881_n 10378063_10152968254426238_4382486963163818574_n 10417579_10152972358226238_7609320892088469366_n 10931498_899446166764546_5327769001921675207_n 10941522_10152972357061238_3380368919967895206_n 11008517_10152972358276238_7771125384207868259_n 11011255_10152968254466238_8389966640558909614_n 11053378_10152972358751238_8935437997056961197_o 11401124_10152968254541238_2219894493339166512_n 11425444_10152972358221238_1191575711585786384_n 11426384_10152968254471238_3053804307808070326_n

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