Alex ….

I can’t get over the fact that he is soooo tall for one thing, he is actually an inch taller than me now and takes size 10 1/2 shoes (men’s size) as he has grown up to the sky he has also thinned out, The boy has a better social life than I do, today while Ali and I were out Alex had a date.
At  the movies with his girlfriend then he met her parents after with her at  Wetherspoons where he has a drink (of coke I should add ) and they went to her aunties for a BBQ until I had to pick him up in the evening.
He has been with his girlfriend charlotte for about year now,
. wtf he’s not 12 until December. No-one took me out at that age…….

but and there is a but there are both going off to separate senior schools in September so I have no idea how long the romance will last just texting and calls and seeing each other at weekends 

I was actually shocked the other day, I got a phone call about 2pm from Mrs Stevens at the school and for a second I thought there was something wrong with one of the boys and she said that everything was fine, in fact she was calling to say what a lovely young man Alex was and how polite, hardworking and helpful he was, and how I should be very proud of him I was gobsmacked to say the least. 

So looks like my second to last baby has actually grown up into a young man……. 



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