Sports day………..

And boy was it hot……… right in the middle of a heatwave.

they had a five min break between each race……. and after an hour and a half sent the kids indoors for 20 mins to cool down in the air conditioning while us poor parents sat out in the sun.  

As usual Ali hated it and did as little as possible and as Usual Alex was very competitive and won two of his races. 


He got two gold medals which are in his bedroom, but what made it great is every child that took part got a medal ……

Alex has put his upstairs with his collection of various Medals for all the sports he had done. but Ali just left his downstairs.
not interested at all, oh well

But it was good of the school to issue every child with one just for taking part.  Personally I think they are what’s left of a job lot of gold medals, from years ago because I remember Alex winning four of these in about year 2 haha……



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