Not a happy bunny, Think this will be my last year on the committee

For the last few years I have been on a sub committee  I’m a friend of our local country park and once a year we put on an event. called Art in the Park, well last year we ran the smash a plate stall and worked our arses off.
This year (Saturday) I was on my own as Allan was at work, anyway. I had said at the meeting before hand I would need help setting up my gazebo and the stocks etc as I would be on my own, did I get help, did I fuck, Mary turned up just as I had finished setting up, and another friend Sarah also helped during the day but when it came to getting everything down again, yes I was on my own. Not one person offered to help, what makes me even more annoyed is we bought a brand new gazebo for the event. and it broke while I was trying to get it down on my own.
to make matters worse on the way out.. there were about 8 of them taking down one event shelter which was basically like a tent with no sides. They just had to pull out the flexi poles like a dome tent.  I was fuming.  

Alex and Ali and their friend were volunteers for the stocks and got soaked and cooled down quite a few times although it was a lovely day it was very hot. 

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In fact it was that hot Alex despite being told not to Alex still took his shirt off…… Yes he had sunblock on but not on his back and now he is suffering.. with no sympathy from me because he was told to put his shirt on loads of times. 

11739664_10207209934511684_703857034_noops, Anyway, I am looking forward to the next committee meeting to let them know that I was not a happy bunny and that unless people actually listen to what the public want in their country park then I shall be leaving. 

Transition week survived and enjoyed in fact.

I have to admit I am always weary when my chicks leave primary school to go up to senior school, and in the past it has come as one hell of a culture shock,  with them having gone from being the oldest, top dogs of the school to being the youngest in the school again and surrounded by 6ft teen’s.  from having one teacher for the whole year for everything to having a different teacher for every subject.  from being taken care of and yes in some cases babied to having to follow strict rules and codes. 

However this time I think things will be different because the schools now do transition weeks. 

Nowadays, well in this area anyway, All new pupils are  invited to spend a ‘transition’ week at their allocated senior school, where they follow a full timetable and participate in most subjects.

This means that pupils arriving in September have a good understanding and experience of how the school functions, what’s expected of them. and in the case of the school Alex is going to, getting an idea of the lay of the school. 

Alex finished his week today and now can’t wait for September when he starts properly.


only one more kid to go through this with now….

at least I have a few years before I have to worry about Ali going up to senior school. 

Gutted I will get my SIA Licence one day..

Ever since Allan got his SIA Licence, I have wanted to do the course and get mine.

I got a message the other day asking me if I wanted to go on the course….
Problem is with my foot the way it is at the moment I can’t go.
I’m totally gutted as these funded courses don’t come up that often..

Whitney Henry
Is anyone interested in starting a career within the Security Industry? I have spaces on an 8 day course which starts tomorrow. The training centre is based in Dartford. It’s all funded and would be no cost to you, you just have to cover your travel. Although if you receive JSA/benefits the JC would be able to fund this.

The free offer is:
5 day Door Supervisor course
1 day First Aid course
Funding to cover cost of Licence application
12 places available

The Date:
Wednesday 15/07/15

Guaranteed job interviews once the course is finished.

You would think in this day and age….. All records would be instantly updated on their systems.

Communication between Hospital and Dr’s is apparently is none existent
I actually got around to trying to book an appointment for my bone density scan today. only to be told by the hospital that I had left it too late and needed to get re-referred by my Dr’s for it.

I called up the Dr’s explained it was my fault that I had not booked the appointment within the required time and asked could they refer me again. they asked why I was going to have the appointment. I explained because of my broken foot. erm, what broken foot. I told them about my visits to A & E and subsequent fracture clinic visits
The knew nothing about it….. So after dropping a copy of all my letter off at the Dr’s they are now going to arrange for me to have another appointment…
The Dr’s secretary is not a happy bunny because they are supposed to be informed of everything that is happening when one of their patients attends the hospital for anything and any treatment required. including details of appointments with consultants.

hooo Hummmmmm!

Should have gone to specsavers……. We did…

Every year both Ali and I have to go and get our eyes tested. 
I have to have all the tests because my mum had glaucoma so I get free eye tests and every other test going, 
Ali they need to keep an eye on his sight……. Now you would think he would be used to these tests.. and the drops that sting like hell.  well usually he is awkward as hell, but this year he was no trouble. he sat and did the eye test so well that they didn’t need the drops at all as he let them look into his eyes with a torch and everything….  best test ever……. yes he needed even stronger glasses as his sight in the left eye is still minimal, legally blind, but his sight in the right eye has deteriorated just slightly. but that could be due to the change in the way they did the test according to the optician.

I, on the other hand didn’t need a change of prescription on seeing glasses… or reading glasses,

but did need some new seeing glasses as mine had been slightly bent on one arm and because of the design of them, couldn’t be straightened because they would snap. 

So we looked at the glasses and Ali refused to change his frames at all, so two new pairs of glasses both the same frame., both exactly the same as he has had for years……. The boy will not change style no matter what we suggest. 
I was more than happy to find a pair of GokWan glasses on sale… that I liked…… 

and yesterday we picked them up 🙂

Ali getting his eyes tested.

Ali getting his eyes tested.

My new glasses…….. Hopefully, these will last a few years lol but saying that now I can’t find my bifocals that I use for my courses so may end up using my golden voucher to get another pair of those. 

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