My Baby is 9 today……..

Seriously, where has the time gone……… it only seems like yesterday that my waters went three weeks before his due date and I went into total panic, the idea of history repeating itself scared the hell out of me….

but 9 years on and here he is… 

Minutes old

Minutes old

9 years old

9 years old

So for his birthday we had a treat and went to pizza hut after school,  Am I the only one who has kids that do stupid things?



I always said that the boys couldn’t have a phone until they were 10 but as Alex is on his 3rd phone now since he was 10,  first was useless and cheap, second.. expensive and dropped and screen shattered. and 3rd was cheaper getting a second-hand Samsung s4 for him off eBay than it was getting the screen fixed on his other phone…..  

And the fact that Ali had no idea what he actually wanted for his birthday and didn’t really care,,,,,,, I decided that it would come in handy when he goes to a friends house, yes he has one friend. and when we go to pontins so I can check he is ok when they are out and about on site… We decided to get him a Nokia Lumia for the pure fact, his laptop is windows 8 and he is used to using a tablet so I thought this would be the easiest phone for him to use……. and I put him on GiffGaff as well so when his credits run out he can still call me for free and send me texts.   he was happy as a pig in shit especially as I managed to get a blue one, his favourite colour. 

Next year will be the killer when he hits double numbers………. 


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