Should have gone to specsavers……. We did…

Every year both Ali and I have to go and get our eyes tested. 
I have to have all the tests because my mum had glaucoma so I get free eye tests and every other test going, 
Ali they need to keep an eye on his sight……. Now you would think he would be used to these tests.. and the drops that sting like hell.  well usually he is awkward as hell, but this year he was no trouble. he sat and did the eye test so well that they didn’t need the drops at all as he let them look into his eyes with a torch and everything….  best test ever……. yes he needed even stronger glasses as his sight in the left eye is still minimal, legally blind, but his sight in the right eye has deteriorated just slightly. but that could be due to the change in the way they did the test according to the optician.

I, on the other hand didn’t need a change of prescription on seeing glasses… or reading glasses,

but did need some new seeing glasses as mine had been slightly bent on one arm and because of the design of them, couldn’t be straightened because they would snap. 

So we looked at the glasses and Ali refused to change his frames at all, so two new pairs of glasses both the same frame., both exactly the same as he has had for years……. The boy will not change style no matter what we suggest. 
I was more than happy to find a pair of GokWan glasses on sale… that I liked…… 

and yesterday we picked them up 🙂

Ali getting his eyes tested.

Ali getting his eyes tested.

My new glasses…….. Hopefully, these will last a few years lol but saying that now I can’t find my bifocals that I use for my courses so may end up using my golden voucher to get another pair of those. 

11733734_10207169642904419_243967985_o 11724769_10207169643864443_1931845218_o


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