You would think in this day and age….. All records would be instantly updated on their systems.

Communication between Hospital and Dr’s is apparently is none existent
I actually got around to trying to book an appointment for my bone density scan today. only to be told by the hospital that I had left it too late and needed to get re-referred by my Dr’s for it.

I called up the Dr’s explained it was my fault that I had not booked the appointment within the required time and asked could they refer me again. they asked why I was going to have the appointment. I explained because of my broken foot. erm, what broken foot. I told them about my visits to A & E and subsequent fracture clinic visits
The knew nothing about it….. So after dropping a copy of all my letter off at the Dr’s they are now going to arrange for me to have another appointment…
The Dr’s secretary is not a happy bunny because they are supposed to be informed of everything that is happening when one of their patients attends the hospital for anything and any treatment required. including details of appointments with consultants.

hooo Hummmmmm!


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