Gutted I will get my SIA Licence one day..

Ever since Allan got his SIA Licence, I have wanted to do the course and get mine.

I got a message the other day asking me if I wanted to go on the course….
Problem is with my foot the way it is at the moment I can’t go.
I’m totally gutted as these funded courses don’t come up that often..

Whitney Henry
Is anyone interested in starting a career within the Security Industry? I have spaces on an 8 day course which starts tomorrow. The training centre is based in Dartford. It’s all funded and would be no cost to you, you just have to cover your travel. Although if you receive JSA/benefits the JC would be able to fund this.

The free offer is:
5 day Door Supervisor course
1 day First Aid course
Funding to cover cost of Licence application
12 places available

The Date:
Wednesday 15/07/15

Guaranteed job interviews once the course is finished.


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