Transition week survived and enjoyed in fact.

I have to admit I am always weary when my chicks leave primary school to go up to senior school, and in the past it has come as one hell of a culture shock,  with them having gone from being the oldest, top dogs of the school to being the youngest in the school again and surrounded by 6ft teen’s.  from having one teacher for the whole year for everything to having a different teacher for every subject.  from being taken care of and yes in some cases babied to having to follow strict rules and codes. 

However this time I think things will be different because the schools now do transition weeks. 

Nowadays, well in this area anyway, All new pupils are  invited to spend a ‘transition’ week at their allocated senior school, where they follow a full timetable and participate in most subjects.

This means that pupils arriving in September have a good understanding and experience of how the school functions, what’s expected of them. and in the case of the school Alex is going to, getting an idea of the lay of the school. 

Alex finished his week today and now can’t wait for September when he starts properly.


only one more kid to go through this with now….

at least I have a few years before I have to worry about Ali going up to senior school. 


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