Not a happy bunny, Think this will be my last year on the committee

For the last few years I have been on a sub committee  I’m a friend of our local country park and once a year we put on an event. called Art in the Park, well last year we ran the smash a plate stall and worked our arses off.
This year (Saturday) I was on my own as Allan was at work, anyway. I had said at the meeting before hand I would need help setting up my gazebo and the stocks etc as I would be on my own, did I get help, did I fuck, Mary turned up just as I had finished setting up, and another friend Sarah also helped during the day but when it came to getting everything down again, yes I was on my own. Not one person offered to help, what makes me even more annoyed is we bought a brand new gazebo for the event. and it broke while I was trying to get it down on my own.
to make matters worse on the way out.. there were about 8 of them taking down one event shelter which was basically like a tent with no sides. They just had to pull out the flexi poles like a dome tent.  I was fuming.  

Alex and Ali and their friend were volunteers for the stocks and got soaked and cooled down quite a few times although it was a lovely day it was very hot. 

11703350_1013996245307536_5209103131516477530_n 11752552_1013996001974227_961499466952677078_n 11753720_1013996095307551_8680832469663794499_n

In fact it was that hot Alex despite being told not to Alex still took his shirt off…… Yes he had sunblock on but not on his back and now he is suffering.. with no sympathy from me because he was told to put his shirt on loads of times. 

11739664_10207209934511684_703857034_noops, Anyway, I am looking forward to the next committee meeting to let them know that I was not a happy bunny and that unless people actually listen to what the public want in their country park then I shall be leaving. 


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