A day on the train’s

Today was a friend of Ali’s birthday,  as it goes, Josh and his mum and dad own a mini steam train so they had a steam party for Josh, and despite being bigger than all the other kids both Alex and Ali enjoyed their rides on the train.  although Alex was nearly as tall as the guy driving it, and despite the time of the year it was a lovely day .  14021658_10210185085088589_7504332501982617519_n

Wedding Bell’s

Today some good friends of ours got married, and Allan did his usual and asked me to marry him when we got home,  I gave the usual answer but this time the only reason I could find was it would be impossible for us to marry as trying to get a divorce is like trying to get blood out of a stone.  and if I am honest I would love to say yes if I was free and today I guess made it really hit home. 

Maybe after Christmas is over and finances are back on track we will have one last go at getting this divorce of mine sorted.  14022099_10210185084448573_2203542670627472150_n

Down to Margate!!

Well, I’ll be working hard to reach me target,
To earn a few bob for a day trip down to Margate.
I’m gonna blow the lot tomorrow on all me family,
We catch the coach at eight,
So don’t be late,
We’re off to see the sea.
Del: Behave yourself Uncle Albert
Rodney: Or you won’t be going
Down to Margate,
Don’t forget your buckets and spades and cossies and all.
Down to Margate,
We’ll go on the pier and we’ll have a beer at the side of
the sea.
Down to Margate,
You can keep the costa Brava,
I’m telling you mate, I’d rather
Have a day down Margate with all me family.

dreamland sepy 15