Leap year tradition


So today I took advantage of the old tradition of leap year, I asked Allan to marry me, ok not in the most romantic of ways but hey the message got through in the end.

He left for work really early about 4.30am and neither of us were that awake then so I sent a text lol not exactly the most romantic but then neither am I and after living together for 14 years he knows that lol

“So as it’s a leap year this year and we have put up with each other this long lol are you going to make an honest woman out of me when I get this divorce and marry me?”

and I got a reply,  he said… “you should ask me? well, I have never said he had brains pmsl, I just replied I just did lol

and his reply was Yes, well actually the reply was “ok seeing as you asked me so nicely”.. but its the same thing I guess 🙂

Valentine’s day and a surprise

Valentine’s day usually is a card picked up from the shop first thing in the morning because he has just remembered, Allan has never been one for actually buying gifts, he has always been more of a well there is money in the account if you want something to go and get it. although this valentines day I did get flowers, a teddy a bottle of vodka and a ring