The surprise party

Next week is one of my oldest friends, Mary’s Birthday and between myself and her daughter we organised a surprise party for her, well surprise meal at the Jenny Wren our local pub/restaurant,  with a days notice, just a spur of the moment idea. Her favourite cake is carrot cake so I quickly made one and dropped it off at the Jenny as soon as they opened at 11am and booked a table for 10 at 1pm.  I told Mary I was taking her out for a coffee at Asda and would pick her up about ten past eleven. which I did. we had a natter for an hour or so and then I suggested we go to Morrisons for lunch, something we quite often do as their fish and chips is really nice.  Anyway I told her first we needed to nip to one stop so I could pick up a parcel, it’s right next door to the Jenny so I parked in their car park. Still none the wiser she came with me and I said oh what the hell lets have lunch here so we walked in and there was her whole family waiting to greet her,  One very successful surprise meal

Allan’s tattoo

He has been waiting about 3 months to get this one finished.  apart from having time off work, Mel who does our tattoo’s is really booked up. but finally, he has got his cover up done on his arm.  the ex’s name  is no longer there. and while he was at it he, got the boy’s names added to his chest along with the girl’s names. allans tattoo's

One last try at divorce.

I made an appointment today at the solicitors and we are having one last try at getting my divorce.  we have some savings and have decided that we might as well try while we have the money . its cost thousands so far so a few more won’t matter now lol   let’s see what happens this time. the solicitor has suggested private detectives at a fee of course.   what the hell its only money 

Allan’s Birthday

As per usual for birthday celebrations we get the family together and have a meal out. and today was no different.  we went to the Jenny wren for a meal,  the difference being, this time, we finally had both Amber and Tammy together. 🙂 and got a picture of all Allan’s kids together with his grandson allans 49th birthday

Back at the hospital,

Well today was my appointment at the hospital again about my foot,  I am still getting a lot of pain when walking so can’t walk far, or stand for too long..  so after a long wait when to be honest the boys were fairly good.  I had my x-ray and yep the bone is still broken. there are two options now.  option one.. I have a bone graft from the other foot. and then have it pinned and bolted, put in a cast for weeks, and then the boot again for months.   or 2. because I need to be able to do the school run’s, at least I can drive as it is. I leave it. and that has been my choice.. to be honest we just can’t afford for Allan to take time off work to look after me  and the boys.  so from now on the appointments are going to be every 6 months. 13939596_10210185081048488_3352434267079749837_n

Finally got my ring sorted.

Well as we are officially engaged, Allan asked me what sort of ring I wanted, and did I want to go out and we would choose one,  well after about a seconds thought. I decided I wanted to wear my mum’s engagement ring. so we had to take it to the jewellers and get it cleaned and the claw sorted.  well, she had worn it for nearly 50 years. well, today I got it back and I am more than happy with my decision to wear it.  I have never been a fan of the big bling type of rings, I have always loved the traditional solitaire 13939518_10210185090448723_9095545248172032751_n