Back at the hospital,

Well today was my appointment at the hospital again about my foot,  I am still getting a lot of pain when walking so can’t walk far, or stand for too long..  so after a long wait when to be honest the boys were fairly good.  I had my x-ray and yep the bone is still broken. there are two options now.  option one.. I have a bone graft from the other foot. and then have it pinned and bolted, put in a cast for weeks, and then the boot again for months.   or 2. because I need to be able to do the school run’s, at least I can drive as it is. I leave it. and that has been my choice.. to be honest we just can’t afford for Allan to take time off work to look after me  and the boys.  so from now on the appointments are going to be every 6 months. 13939596_10210185081048488_3352434267079749837_n


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