The surprise party

Next week is one of my oldest friends, Mary’s Birthday and between myself and her daughter we organised a surprise party for her, well surprise meal at the Jenny Wren our local pub/restaurant,  with a days notice, just a spur of the moment idea. Her favourite cake is carrot cake so I quickly made one and dropped it off at the Jenny as soon as they opened at 11am and booked a table for 10 at 1pm.  I told Mary I was taking her out for a coffee at Asda and would pick her up about ten past eleven. which I did. we had a natter for an hour or so and then I suggested we go to Morrisons for lunch, something we quite often do as their fish and chips is really nice.  Anyway I told her first we needed to nip to one stop so I could pick up a parcel, it’s right next door to the Jenny so I parked in their car park. Still none the wiser she came with me and I said oh what the hell lets have lunch here so we walked in and there was her whole family waiting to greet her,  One very successful surprise meal


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