Angry birds the Movie

Another film we were dying to see so I took the boys with me to see it as Allan was working tonight. The big kid in me is showing through as while we were there we saw  the trailer for the secret life of pets that looks really funny as well. but I give Angry Birds a 10 out of 10 for both big kids and little kids 

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Kent garden show Detling showground 2016


I am not a gardener but I do love a nice garden, I managed to get hold of a discounted family ticket so we decided to pop along and have a look seeing as how the showground is only about 10 mins up the road from us.  it was a lovely day but we only came back with a wind chime 

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Yes I got my unicorn tattooed

My dad was always against tattoo’s and I have to confess since he passed away April 15 I have had a few tattoo’s done on my arm’s, I always had to get them hidden in places he wouldn’t see.  I love things that are different.    I am running out of ideas on what to get next.  but as soon as I think of something I will get hold of Mel to draw it up.  anns tattoo's