Cinema 2 days in a row

After going yesterday, we saw the trailer for the secret life of pets and it looked good so we came back today and I have to say, yet again one of the most hilarious films I have seen, I was in stitches watching it, another film we will definitely be getting the dvd of , Allan was gutted to have missed it. 

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So many good films out at the moment

I ended up taking the boys on my own again to see Independence Day resurgence, Alex and I had sat and watched the original on the tv last night and he said he wanted to go and see the new one.  I didn’t need any persuasion. wow what a great film. both boys enjoyed it as well.  I think Ali secretly likes the sci-fi stuff 


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Yes!! he did it he got an award for athletics.

We got this email through and of course wondered what he would be nominated for, it turned out it was his athletics team winning the regional championships. go Alex 

On Thursday 23 June, Westlands PE department is holding a Sports Awards evening to recognise the sporting successes over the past academic year. This includes individual and team representation at School, District, County, Regional and National levels, at the various activities offered within the curriculum and out of school. There have been a number of achievements by many pupils this year, with a number of individual and team titles won in the competitions entered.


We are delighted that Alex has been nominated for an award and is therefore invited to the evening.


The evening is to represent the accomplishments that our pupils have obtained recently and reward, them for their commitment and attitude to their sports. The presentation is to commence at 6:30pm, finishing at approximately 8:00pm and will take place in the main school hall. There will be awards consisting of certificates and trophies presented to the pupils for their accolades by a guest speaker along with members of staff and pupils.


alex sports presentation

Catching up with an old friend

This Morning I met up with an old friend Tracy, she was down from Southport for a bikers meet up,  we only get the chance to catch up about once every couple of years but its great to see her, you can’t miss me, I’m the fat one with the 6 chins on the right with the dark hair lol 



Finally, Divorce papers have been served

After 16 years of trying to get a divorce over £9,000 in solicitors fees etc although there will be a lot more. I can, at last, say the private investigators and private process servers have not only confirmed where he lived but served papers at 19.05, I have been waiting for this day for years.  I haven’t said much this year about the divorce attempt because if I am honest I didn’t expect it to get this far.  usually, we get to the point of serving papers, bailiffs try and do the usual 3 attempts and that’s it. no papers served officially.  = no divorce.  but this time, the private detectives managed to find him, follow him and confirm the address.  they even spoke to the twunt through a window and he confirmed it was him and so they did the letter box drop off papers.  the affidavit will be lodged with the solicitors to send to the court first thing in the morning. I have no idea now how long things will take as I will have to have a chat with the solicitors but I feel confident enough now to say that by this time next year I will be divorced at last after 16 years and about 5 attempts of trying. I am elated.