Finally, Divorce papers have been served

After 16 years of trying to get a divorce over £9,000 in solicitors fees etc although there will be a lot more. I can, at last, say the private investigators and private process servers have not only confirmed where he lived but served papers at 19.05, I have been waiting for this day for years.  I haven’t said much this year about the divorce attempt because if I am honest I didn’t expect it to get this far.  usually, we get to the point of serving papers, bailiffs try and do the usual 3 attempts and that’s it. no papers served officially.  = no divorce.  but this time, the private detectives managed to find him, follow him and confirm the address.  they even spoke to the twunt through a window and he confirmed it was him and so they did the letter box drop off papers.  the affidavit will be lodged with the solicitors to send to the court first thing in the morning. I have no idea now how long things will take as I will have to have a chat with the solicitors but I feel confident enough now to say that by this time next year I will be divorced at last after 16 years and about 5 attempts of trying. I am elated. 


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