An evening at the speedway

We have a speedway track at the other end of town, it’s held at the greyhound stadium and I have lost count the number of times we have said we would go, well yesterday Allan was off work so we decided we would go along.  Alex was out with a friend for the day so it was just Allan, Me and Ali, and we put Ali in charge of the camera, the only pictures he took was of an accident lol Ali all over. 


Dinner at the Jenny

I would say we come here every couple of weeks for a meal and tonight was no exception. it’s not often Allan has an evening off, and we get to spend some family time together, the boys are at that age now where they don’t often want to go out anywhere except maybe the cinema, but when it comes to food they never complain,   it was a perfect end to the day as it was so hot today that a cold beer went down nicely 

Alex’s haircut



Alex has always wanted lines in his hair, however, the school ban’s then so the only time he could have it done was at the beginning of the summer holiday so, yesterday he broke up from school so this morning off we went to get his hair cut before we had to go and pick up Ali as he still had half a day at school before he broke up today.  the only thing is Alex sneezed as he was getting his hair done and as a result,the guy nicked him.. ouch!! 14063856_10210185091128740_3784192835828883011_n

one step further along

Well, I received the paperwork back from the solicitors the other day to sign to apply for my decree nisi, apparently, the twunt had actually returned the papers to the court and basically said if I want the divorce I can pay for it,.  erm I AM , twunt.   anyway, I immediately signed my part and today it was lodged with the divorce court. 🙂  another hurdle covered… and now we wait..