It’s the summer mini holiday

Every year we go to the same place at least once, some years we go a couple of times,  why the same place? you ask, well its because Ali know’s it. we have been going since he was little so it’s not a strange place to him. It also means I can relax knowing he is safe and can’t leave the site.. but he also has the freedom to go swimming when he wants and won’t get lost. as he knows the place like the back of his hand.   Although saying that, we only go for the long weekend now as we found that a week was too much for him, anyway, we saw twist and pulse and also Kathleen Jenkins who I think were both from Britain’s got talent.  both shows were really good,  Ali also got to go into the go karts this time as he is now tall enough.   Alex was happy because the pub on the site was a pokestop.. yep he is a Pokemon go addict, even while we were having our pizza for dinner he found a Pokemon lol people slate pontins at camber sands but I can honestly say we have never had a problem there.  granted we pay for the club chalets which are a bit more but more than worth it.  roll on next time. 





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