Christmas All sorted, The easy way this year!

Last year I went mad at Christmas, I spent fortunes, way more than I have ever spent before.  especially with the boys.  in fact, they still have things they haven’t opened.
I guess I was trying to compensate for my dad not being there for Christmas, as it was the first Christmas without him despite me being in a really dark place at the time. and not even bothering with decorations, I wanted to the boys to have lots, bearing in mind it’s only us and my dad and our friend that buys them anything.  They know this year that  things will be different for the following reasons

1. Money is tight,  as we have the wedding and reception to pay for, my divorce to pay for and both our cars are due their MOT and Tax in the next few months. bearing in mind there are only 3 more paydays until Christmas. :/ 

2. Because I went so mad last year they actually have everything they could possibly want now, even when it came to Ali’s birthday in July there was nothing he could think of he wanted. so he had £20 to put in his savings. 

3. We just don’t have the space to store anything as the house has hit tilt. 

So with that in mind,  we have got them one main present each which we got a couple of months ago.  I will probably pick up some clothes as stocking fillers closer to Christmas.  (kills two birds with one stone as they usually need new stuff by then anyway ) 

Again last Christmas I bought so much for Darren our grandson that I had actually forgotten to give him, some of the things we bought which at the time were probably too old for him anyway so they will be perfect for this year.
Amber’s will just be something little anyway, for the pure reason we bought everything for her flat when she got it and that was a few thousands worth.  Plus if she can’t even bother to get the boys or Allan even a little token present for their birthday’s  but can still afford to go out, etc and spend fortunes on clothes for herself, I don’t see why I should go mad with her.   I’m getting mean in my old age I think. 

Tammy well yes I shall get her a couple of nice things, and then that just leaves our friends and their 3 girls. 
Again we spoilt them last year but saying that they went mad on us as well. so I have picked up some things that I know they will love,  I am actually excited to see Charlotte’s face when she opens her’s as I know she will love it. 

So that just leaves their girls to get bits for and that is it. Christmas present shopping done, and dusted.  

Everyone else can have gift cards. 
Allan and I are not going to bother as we have everything we want and it’s costing us enough to get married, and if we do want something we can get it in the New year sales 🙂 

I’m not even sure we will bother having Christmas dinner at home.  We know like last year Allan will be working over Christmas, and we are out for a couple of  Christmas meal’s at posh restaurants,  before Christmas, with the Invicta arachnid club, and a works do, so will probably be turkey’d out lol.
When we told the boys we were all out for a couple of Christmas dinners the first thing they said was, cool does that mean we can have Pizza Christmas day, so obviously they are not bothered lol 
Every year for years  we have had my dad and friends, and Amber  over for Christmas Dinner and then boxing day, and not once have we even been invited over for a meal, bbq or anything yet they invite others. so again I am feeling mean this year. 
As Allan has said, it takes all the pressure off us this year, we can have what we want when we want it. and when he finishes work he can relax without having a house full. 

So that’s Christmas sorted, I may even wrap everything this year lol ty



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