A toothache​ again!


If anyone has ever read my blog in the past they will know that my nemesis in life is  toothache and the last one I had was in 2009  ( https://notyouraveragemother.wordpress.com/2009/06/17/tooth-ache-if-you-put-childbirth-no-1-on-the-pain-scale-of-1-to-10%E2%80%A6%E2%80%A6-toothache-comes-in-at-about-13%E2%80%A6/ )

Anyway,  A few weeks ago I had a scrape/clean by the dentist. not my usual one as she was on holiday.  anyway ever since one of my back teeth at the top had a slight wobble,  Friday night I sneezed and literally knocked this tooth sideways. it could now wiggle from side to side, causing not only pain doing that but also bearing a nerve so anything eaten or drank would hurt it with a vengeance. The weekend was full of activities and knowing everywhere was shut I manned up, stuck to luke warm drinks only, both cold and hot was  no go.   the only thing I had eaten in days was a half a bite of burger king burger on Sunday, Much to Ali’s delight as he got the rest, and a couple of sausages at the bbq yesterday, I managed to  get the sausage in my mouth and swallow.   My some people have dirty minds!  I had to nibble it down on the opposite side of my mouth.
Anyway fast forward to this morning, I call the dentist up and get told they are booked right up and can’t fit me in at all,  after informing them that I was probably in more pain than they could ever imagine and I have a high pain threshold, they said if they had a cancellation they would let me know, if not I would have to call back every morning at 9 until they could fit me in.   WTF!!!!!!!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  fuck it the idea of pliers was coming back into my head again.. I got off the phone and texted Allan at work and told him under no circumstances to call the house phone just in case they tried to get through.  2 min’s later and I get a call from the dentists,  they can fit me in at 3.30pm can I make it.   fuck yes!  even if I had to crawl there.
Now I am a regular at my dentist. we all are, we go for all our check up’s, the boys have never ever had a filling in their life.  the dentist I have had for the last 5 years now is lovely, you kinda look forward to going just for the chat and laugh.   I have a feeling the receptionist mentioned I had called and she said to book me in.  like I said, lovely woman.

So off I trot and explained what happened and she agreed with me it needed to come out.  within a second she was rubbing the numbing gel on my  gum and injecting the magic stuff that makes your whole mouth go numb and you talk like an idiot within seconds.  This magic stuff also stops pain instantly. it was bliss.  From the time I walked into walking out with one tooth less, than I had before,  it took 6 minutes.  I am now sitting typing with a big wad of cotton between my teeth and a mouth numb, dribbling mountain dew all down my boobs because I can’t find a straw anywhere and was desperate for a cold fizzy drink.

No doubt it will be tender when I get the feeling back but it won’t be the agony I had before…..   here is hoping it will be longer than another 7 years before I have a toothache again .


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