Summer is over & back to school!

Urgh, Back to school today for Alex as he goes into year 8, Yr 7’s started yesterday, I feel like he has been diddled out of a week’s summer holiday. He broke up on the same day as Ali in July but Ali doesn’t go back to school until the 7th, I have never known them go back to school this early after a summer holiday 😦 

Thankfully this was the cheapest return to school ever for us,  last year I must have spent over £500 on uniforms, granted I needed to kit Alex out for senior school, but this time around all I needed to pick up was some new school trousers for him as he has grown another couple of inches since April when I got his last trousers. oh and lost a couple of inches in the waist. one new pair of shoes and away we go.  his blazers still fit fine although I did get it massive last September, Both boys take the same size shirt and I got a good deal on men’s shirts last June and got 15 of them and as well as them still fitting we still have about 6 new ones still in the packet.  His PE kit got replaced last June because he lost his.. 😦   so it was just new shoes and trainers. Many thanks to Sports Direct and their sale, £24 for both pairs.  

Ali needed nothing, he had new shoes at the beginning of July and a pair of new trainers about 3 weeks ago.   Sorted!

Today is apparently the first day of Autumn, I feel like the summer only started about 5 weeks ago as the beginning was overcast and wet. It’s already hot and humid outside and it’s only 6.24am, I don’t envy Alex having to go around all day with a blazer on as they have to have them at all times 

Oh well, I guess I had better get him up, well actually both of them up, as I am taking Ali to Gravesend today to see his friend, his one and only real friend, to be honest, his mate moved last December and I know Ali misses him like mad at school.  His friend is also autistic and has really struggled in his new school as well, so we try and get them together as often as possible. Just a shame they can’t do it more often as his mum doesn’t drive. 

So that’s it, Summer is officially over……….. back-to-school-shopping-557x417


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