Oops I did it again!

This weekend Allan was off, we had a busy weekend ahead of us,  First thing Saturday morning Alex had football practice so we decided we would all go and watch him, usually its just drop him off and pick him up after but as Allan was off he wanted to go along as well,  anyway as I was getting out of the car I turned to shut the door and found a big hole in the grass covered where the grass had been cut and went arse over tip.  again I felt that familiar pain in my ankle, after a few mins of sitting there I was hauled up and hobbled over to the pitch side and plonked myself in my chair,  by this time my ankle was really painful and starting to swell up nicely, on the plus side Alex had a really good practice and was really on form,  14224897_10210369065247978_6140655355008657739_n    we got home and I rested until it was time to get ready for our evening out, it was the 20th Anniversary of the Invicta Arachnid club dinner and talks etc.  so off we go and with the aid of my walking stick we went for the meal,  It was a lovely evening and a late night, and I got to meet the lovely Nick Baker who is a real down to earth guy and very funny as well. 


I’m hiding behind the centerpiece lol

Sunday morning and as well as feeling slightly worse for wear as I found gin and tonic was a good pain killer, we took Alex to his match and again he did well, he was in goal the second half of the match. the first half the score was 4 – 2 to his side and the final score was 8 – 2 they won 🙂 and despite the many efforts of the other team to get a goal Alex made some really blinding saves,  it was said by a few it was a shame there were no scouts there as he would be signed up straight away.. *insert proud parent moment * 

We go and grab some lunch in Morrisons after the match as there was no way I was going to stand up and cook dinner and not only that they do a great fish and chips there lol 
So we get home, and Allan takes off the strapping on my ankle to change it as it got quite dirty at the match and my ankle and foot have some lovely bruising. he is convinced I have broken it. and suggests a trip up to A & E, convinced I haven’t broken it, I refuse.  
Yesterday morning we get up, Alex goes off to school, Allan goes to work.   My brother who we only see when he wants something came around to collect Bertie the budgie who we have been looking after since June while he was off on his hol’s on his boat in the south of France,  *I will miss Bertie to be honest as he was in the front room and its lovely to hear him chirping away , * we may bring Ali’s budgie, “shut up Steve” downstairs”* anyway Allan gets home from work and decided that I really do need to go to the hospital to get this ankle checked out. so after X-rays, it was decided that nothing was broken. but they said I have damaged my Achilles heel tendon and torn ligaments. Ali is impressed at the technicolour bruises I have around my whole foot and ankle. so given a blue brace like strap, I am sent home and told to keep the foot elevated and keep off it.   easier said than done when you have a house and kids to look after. 



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