The Little things in life!


We have had scaffolding up at the front and back of our house for 4 weeks now as they were doing guttering and roof repairs.
They started taking it down yesterday. the problem with ours is they had put a pole right outside our front door in the middle of the front path, which meant it was a pain to even get shopping etc in the house, next door couldn’t get her wheelie bin out as it was in her front garden with a pole across the entrance so we had to lift it over the fence every week.
Yesterday they came and took down 4 houses worth and left the tv aerials and sky dishes hanging down.(they had taken them off and attached them to the scaffolding when they put it up,) so people were going mad as they had no tv. when my neighbours complained about it, they were told it is not down to the workmen to re-attach them. It was quite funny, She is five doors down from me and I could hear her shouting down the phone lol it was like WW3 had started so they had to come back at 7pm to put the aerials and satellite dishes back up. let’s just say there were not happy bunnies,  the guy took half an hour putting our Sky satellite dish back up, I didn’t have the heart to tell him we are no longer with sky and are on Virgin cable now.
The scaffolding has just been taken from outside my house and they had a truck parked right across our driveway,  when I tried to explain I needed to get the car out of the drive because I had to do the school run as their truck was in the way. they looked at me like I was from another planet. then huffed and puffed before he moved it,  by the time I got back it was there again so I had to park right down the end of the road. 

 but at least its gone now and we can get the wheelie bins out with ease and walk out the front door without fear of walking into the pole lol 

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