What a change of events

Today  weather warnings and flood alerts have been issued for Kent suggesting the summer is well and truly over.

The Met Office has issued an amber weather warning across London and the south-east.

Rivers of the Isle of Sheppey have been warned to be prepared for possible flooding, and that’s where we come into it. we are about a mile  or so away from the swale dividing us from the Isle of Sheppey, Milton throughout history was always prone to flooding from the creek. not that it’s happened on our road since we have lived here,  thankfully.

Last night I was lying there trying to get to sleep, listening to the rain come down and it was hammering it down, to say the least.  this morning it was still raining when I took Ali to school. Alex had a day off as the school had a water leak ironically.  It has been so much cooler today to the point where we were feeling cold, in 24 hours we have gone from one extreme to the other. In fact, it’s been a crappy 24hrs, Allan’s car broke down last night on his way home from work and he had to get the RAC out. he finally got home with his car on the back of a truck about 10pm.so not being able to go into work today, Allan had the day off to try and sort it,  we have tried a cheap fix option and put some steel seal stuff in the radiator to see if that works, well I say cheap it was £37 something for the bottle but cheap compared to the car going in the garage. fingers crossed it works. 

Alex has managed to lock himself out of his phone by putting a pattern lock on and forgetting what it was, so looks like I will be trying to sort that out.  

I’m really feeling the pain today, my legs  hurt so much that I don’t know whether to put them straight, bend them. chop them off..I’m in a foul mood today as the one day I could attempt to have a lie in until about 6.30am and the phones went off, first it was the alarm we use for getting Allan up in the mornings for work, I had forgotten to turn them off, then it was his control room calling twice to find out why he wasn’t at work, both times I explained that his shift was covered because of his car.  and then my phone went off because someone thought it was a good idea to send me a morning picture on WhatsApp.
in the end, I gave up on sleep. 

The plus sides of today. 
My legs (I have arthritis in hips and knees) hurt so much in the cold damp weather it took my mind off my ankle and foot hurting lol 

Because of me really not being able to do much today or indeed walk around hardly. we had a Chinese chinese for dinner , something we only do about 3 times a year. 

here is tomorrow being a better day! 


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