It’s easy when you are organised

Whoever said planning a wedding is stressful was lying, I have enjoyed every second, to be honest. 

My first wedding was at the local registry office, just myself, my liability, my parents, my mum’s best friend,  his mother with whatever boyfriend she had at the time. and is brother and his girlfriend as witnesses , then it was back to my mum’s house for a slice of cake bought from the bakery. just normal cake and cup of tea and a glass of some cheap champagne. that was it.  Allan’s was similar, just a few at the registry office and then back to a pub for a drink with all of about 10 people there, 

This time, both Allan and I wanted things to be different, but we are on a majorly tight budget.  I am also not religious in any way shape or form, and neither is my partner.  so we both said straight away we wanted just a basic registry office wedding. However, we did want a big reception for all our friends and some family, notice I put our friends first. lol 

The main problem is we wanted to get married asap which meant allowing for my decree absolute to come through and then giving notice we couldn’t get married until November  when we booked the wedding there were only 5 dates left available this year and none were on a Saturday,  It must have been fate because one of the date’s fitted in well. 

So with the wedding booked, we decided that we would have the reception the Saturday after so more people would be able to come,  and it wasn’t a school night.  And there our main obstacle arose, finding a venue at short notice.. apparently, they are booked up sometimes a couple of years in advance, and also one at a reasonable price.  after spending the day calling around we found 2 village hall’s close to us, one was actually quite shabby with hardly any facilities and the other is a lovely hall, with kitchen, bar, lovely entrance. fairly new , and a separate room as well. ok, it wasn’t as cheap as a lot of village hall’s  but we found out we could pay in instalments actually we were very lucky to get it, as there had been a cancellation for the date we wanted.  so we booked the hall for all day from 9am onwards as we are doing all our own decorations, and food etc.

With the actual registry office and venue booked, the planning began and the buying of bits to decorate the hall,   we have been picking bits up every payday for the last three months, as we knew the day would come eventually and some bits could be bought and put away.   I kept a list of everything we bought so I wouldn’t forget anything. 

Rings,  When my mum passed away she left me two 24ct gold bangles that my dad had designed for her 21st birthday. the problem is they were too small,  originally with my dad’s permission they were going to be made into something I could wear, but with the cost of it, I never got around to it.  so they sat in my jewellery box and on the house insurance as they were valued at £600 each 😮 anyway when we went looking at wedding rings, most nowadays are either fortune’s, maybe I have expensive taste, or cheap and tacky or blingy. I wanted traditional, My mum’s wedding ring was too small for me and I originally thought, why not get that made bigger, so we went to a local family owned jewellery, that I have been to in the past to actually get our insurance valuation certificates from for my jewellery and mums bracelets. and asked about getting my mums ring made bigger.  and I was chatting to the guy and about getting the ring resized but it was still smaller size wise than I wanted,  and the subject of my mum’s bracelets came up, he suggested that maybe if I brought them in he could check the weight and see what size ring could be made from them.  so that is what I did and I explained I wanted the traditional D-shape ring and it turned out it would cost the same as getting my mums ring resized.  so that is what I have had done,
Allan was undecided, because of his job he doesn’t like wearing expensive jewellery. in fact, he isn’t a jewellery person. and  so in the end. he decided upon a Titanium ring for every day and work, and as my dad had left him his gold wedding ring he is saving that for best. 

Wedding clothes, I am not a traditional wedding dress person, for one I am in my 50’s and two a fat cow and I know I would look daft in the traditional wedding dress,  also it’s just not me, I am more of a skull’s and gothic rock chic rather than innocence and lace. Allan is a huge Arsenal fan so we decided the actual wedding colours would be red and white. Also with Allan’s job he has a variety of suits in various colours depending on where he is working. so he didn’t need a new suit.  I really didn’t want to buy the boys a suit each as they would grow out of them before they would get a chance to wear them again.  So as their school uniform trousers are black, we decided Allan would wear his black suit.  so a quick visit to Asda’s for a couple of black jackets for the boys, three red ties and there we go.. Men sorted. 

I had a long Ivory dress I had bought last summer but never worn so decided I would wear that but with a twist so have added some red into the mix. 🙂

So invitations made, posted and for those who I don’t have an address for a FB event page made, 
Decorations wish tree, guest book, centrepieces, table runners, swags etc sweets. jar’s, tongs, sweet bag’s 
sweet trolley, Big light up Love letters, disco, Postbox , flowers etc all sorted for the hall, 

Clothes sorted,  

Rings sorted,  
That basically leaves food and cake, 
both of which we are doing ourselves, I have already bought all the stuff needed for the buffet with the exception of the food itself, and got all the bits for making the cake, or should I say assembling the cake and cake toppers / decorations, little wedding bags for putting the cake in for people,  and of course the actual knife set for when we cut the cake. 

I have arranged for a cash bar to be in the hall, plus I have got the drink for the toast sorted and champagne flutes with a silver stem and may even do some vodka jellies.
I am still undecided on what design to make the cake, do I do a three tier cake or three separate cakes. either way, I have cake stands to suit. 

Wedding favours,  yes I have those all sorted as well 🙂 

Thank you gifts for our witnesses, and although they won’t be at the actual wedding I have my three honorary flower girls for the reception and their little dresses and gifts. 
I have bought a little something for one of my oldest friends who can’t actually make the wedding, had she been able to come or had I had a big wedding she would probably have been my maid of honour so I have got her a little MOH gift to give her at the reception. 
I have also got a thank you gift for my brother in law to be as he run’s a disco hire and is doing our disco for us as a present. 

Everything is basically bought and paid for now with the exception of food products. 
Wedding and Hall paid for
All we need to pay for now is the £70 to give notice when we do and the food for the reception. 

Basically, all booked, organised in a week, as to what we needed to buy, get, etc we have even got a shopping list of what food to buy for the reception.  All now bought and paid for with the exception of food. 

We are using our own car to drive to the wedding itself and have a ribbon to go on it. and after the wedding itself, we have booked a table at  our favourite restaurant for those who are attending the actual service. 

We are ready, we are prepared,  and have been for ages, all stress-free and we are getting impatient for the big days 🙂 

PicMonkey Imageeeyhe

My non-traditional wedding attire



Our beautiful registry office



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