Bloody solicitors

Had a mini meltdown today , just ignore me I just need to rant!
we are due to give notice at the registry office at 9am on the 28th September, getting married on the 8th November, but because my absolute paperwork hasn’t come back I called the registry office to see if I could take the rest of the paperwork in and the decree absolute from my divorce later as soon as it comes through the post. it was supposed to arrive yesterday., they said no but as it was applied for on the 14th maybe I could collect it directly from the court as they tend to send them out in batches and it could take longer to get to me, so I called the court and they can’t find the application at all
they check to see if the fee had been paid by the solicitors and that hasn’t been paid. After 2013 the fee is included in the court paperwork for the actual divorce but because my divorce dates back to 2000 (it’s taken me over 16 years to get it from when I first started due to my ex being a royal pain,) it wasn’t included in the original cost of my divorce.
and it turns out my useless twats of Solicitors forgot to pay the court fee when they sent the application off on the 14th as they forgot that it should be added, so said they said they would post off another application with the fee again tonight which is not good as court won’t get it until Tuesday so I’ve called the court to see if I could pick up a new application with the fee which is apparently taken from the solicitors accounts directly, from the solicitors and drive over to the courts directly and hand it to them. But apparently, I can’t as there is no counter service in the divorce court so I asked if I can pay the fee with my debit card but the court can’t find the original paperwork either so I’m waiting now for the woman from the court to call me sometime this afternoon after 2pm to see if she can find my application she has to go hunting through loads of paperwork, but there is no promise she will find it, and if she can then I will pay the fee directly to the court and then I will have to get hold of the solicitors and let them know the fee has been paid and the paperwork has been found so it’s not sent off again tonight and two sets of fees will have been paid. The woman from the court can’t promise even if the fee is paid if it will be sorted straight away as its usually issued within 7 working days and then sent to the solicitors who then forward it to me, which would have been ok as If they had paid the fee I was due to apparently get it today or Monday. . So all I can do now is wait in for this phone call from the woman at the court and hopefully she can find the paperwork and mark it as urgent. even then its down to the judge then to sign the paperwork bang his hammer or whatever he does to grant the absolute. and then put it in the court postal system.
I have to give a minimum of 28 days’ notice at the registry office so apparently the latest they will accept me giving notice is 7th October but then they are not sure if an appointment is available then and they have said if I can’t attend the original appointment on the 28th I may have to pay the booking fee again for another appointment anyway.
Allan had booked the 28th off as one of his holiday days, to give notice, to take days off work he has to give a months’ notice usually. So if we have to book another appointment we don’t even know if he can get the time off to go. 
I am absolutely fuming.
I don’t know whether to cry or go out and kick the dog, (joking honest) or maybe a trip up the town and punch my solicitors.


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