D.I.V.O.R.C.E.D Finally!

This building is Canterbury court, it’s a very nice building and in it is a very very nice man, who an hour ago gave me a piece of paper that states.


I spent the weekend worrying, but thankfully it has all come good, no thanks to my solicitors.  This morning, I went with a friend while she had a tattoo done, and when I got back home I called the court and the lovely woman Chris told me that the paperwork had been found and the judge had done his thing, my absolute is there and ready to be posted. My panic then was would I receive it in time for Wednesday morning as we had to be at the registry office at 9am , there is no counter service at the court so she told me she would leave it with security if I could get there before 5pm when the post goes. I was out the door like a shot and on my way.  to be handed that envelope was the highlight of the year. 

That’s it, all over and done with.  He has made this hard from day one, first refusing to agree to a divorce.. then I had to wait until I needed his signature on the service of papers.  the problems year after year trying to serve papers. to find him. paying private detectives, private process servers.  it was worth every fucking penny. 
He is finally out of my life and no longer able to control my future the way he controlled m my past.


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