We have given notice!


This morning we went to this grotty, bleak building and gave notice to get married.  Even though we are not getting married in this town we still have to give notice at our local registry office.  I spent last night making sure we had all the paperwork we needed to take, I popped it all in a folder ready for this morning. 

we got to the office and waited., Allan went in first and then the next thing I know is the lady coming out asking where Allan’s birth certificate was,  I was sure it was there but she told me I had put in my dad’s death certificate by mistake. my first thought was oh fuck.. how did I manage that. 

Anyway, I then had to go in and have my turn, and I am confirming the details on my birth certificate and looked at the pile of papers we had taken and there on the top was Allan’s birth certificate. I showed the woman and she said.. oops.  because it was an official copy and not the original it was on green paper instead of the orange it should have been.  death certificates are printed on green. so she hadn’t even looked at the writing on in. and Allan hadn’t had his reading glasses on so he didn’t notice.  doh!!  well, the panic of having to go and get it was now out the way.  it is now official. we are getting married in November!! 

This shit is getting real!! 


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